Want to teach in Ethiopia?


Panos HCascadia's very own Panos Hatziandreas has been helping to launch an exciting new school in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – The International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia (ILAE).  To date, ILAE has launched a prep program for 20 local, underserved students in April. They will be running a summer program for both paying and non-paying students in July and August and open a 9th grade in September, which will consist of core prep program students and paying students.

So far, the program has exceeded expectations, and is now ready to hire the very best teachers available. ILAE is looking for specialties in Math, English, Science and Amharic at this time. 

Read more about the school in a recent article from Taddis Magazine online. 

If interested in learning more about the open teaching positions, please review the following:

1. Job Description/Application for the teaching positions
2. Overview of ILAE