Suitcase Kody...Take Him WITH YOU This Summer!



Hopefully you've visited Cascadia's Facebook page and enjoyed some of the adventures of Suitcase Kody - our lovable, travel size mascot! Suitcase Kody has traveled to some fun, nearby, and far-off places, but his passport isn't as full as he would like.  Suitcase Kody would love to accompany you on your trips this summer, if you have room for him.  Thankfully, he weighs next-to-nothing, and can easily slide into your carry-on!    

Download a printable copy of Suitcase Kody today and start adventuring together!  Don't forget to post your Suitcase Kody pictures to the Cascadia Facebook or Twitter page, or send them to (beginning July 1).

We look forward to seeing where YOU take Suitcase Kody this summer... across the state?... out of Washington?... out of the country?  Or maybe you're staying local and hiking, boating, or riding the ferris wheel?  Suitcase Kody is up for ANY adventure!  

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  • Cascadia College will remove any language or content that is deemed offensive, profane, or obscene to any individual or group of individuals.