Statewide Strike + Faculty Teach In

Dear Students,

As anti-racist demonstrations continue around the world against an evolving backdrop of counter-protest and pandemic, we are holding a second conversation space on Friday, June 12th at 1:30pm.   

Zoom info: 

While Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County is organizing a statewide strike and silent march on Friday in support of the Black community, we will hold this teach-in space to process questions, recognize anxieties, and consider alternatives with those unable to participate in the march. We still can’t promise we’ll be able to get to every question, but we’ll still do the best we can.

 Cascadia Faculty Teach-in with black power fist

In solidarity,

Denise Michaels, Psychology
Jessica Ketcham, English & Humanities
Kathy Brown, Art
Lisa Citron, Economics
Louise Spiegler, History
Natalie Serianni, English
Nataša Kesler, Biology
Nomita Yadav, Sociology
Robyn Ferret, English & Humanities
Soraya Cardenas, Sociology
Tasha Walston, English & Humanities