Spring 2021 Learning Community: Twice the Fun!

Learning Communities pair two courses that are team-taught by two instructors. Students are automatically enrolled in both courses, although check with your advisor to make sure! Because... technology. Instruction, coursework, and assignments develop disciplinary skills and interconnections between the disciplines. Watch a retro (couple years back) video about Learning Communities to find out more.

Need a bit of human interaction? Sprinkled with environmental science, cultural studies, and putting together social issue puzzles? Then learn more below and register for the only Learning Community Spring Quarter!

Image of Cascadia wetland trees and creek with blue sky

The logistics...

Human Natures

Robyn Ferret and Midori Sakura (cool cat faculty)
Sec LCH1   Tuesday   11:00 am - 1:05 pm    10 credits   

Students will meet ON-CAMPUS for outdoor applied learning experiences during weeks 3, 6, and 9 - weather dependent.

Class Nbr 14564 - ENVS 140 - Themes and Methods in the Environmental Sciences


Class Nbr 1099 - HUMAN 150 - Introduction to Cultural Studies

Students must add both Class Numbers 14564 and 1099 to their shopping cart and enroll in both classes together.

EDP, GS, H, NS, SU – This learning community is an interdisciplinary exploration of environmental issues and their cultural catalysts. Students will study regional environmental concerns while considering the dynamics of inequality and the cultural distinctions that influence those environmental issues, and they will study the artifacts of social movements in order to empower themselves as environmental activists. They will engage with campus and the broader community with projects that involve hands-on experience and multi-genre expression.Prerequisite(s): Completion of ENGL 96 or or ENGL 99 with a grade of 2.0 or higher or placement into ENGL&101.

Ready to register?

Go to ctcLink and enter the information above, or visit with an advisor on zoom. www.cascadia.edu/virtual