President Dr. Eric MurrayFrom Cascadia's President 


Think critically, learn actively, interact in diverse environments, and communicate with clarity. Those are Cascadia's four learning outcomes driven by our mission to be a collaborative, learner-centered college. Every class is designed to embrace those learning outcomes and exposes students to small group work where projects, presentations, and teaching others are key components.

Whether you're coming back to college after a break, heading to college out of high school, or simply exploring new fields, you'll be exposed to a truly different kind of learning atmosphere at Cascadia.

Cascadia is a young, vibrant college. Its progressive faculty helps students learn that all disciplines relate to each other. Students will see themes discussed across all classes, like global awareness, social justice, or environmental sustainability. Students will be taught on the newest, most dynamic campus in the community college system. And, students will have exposure to our partners, the University of Washington Bothell, on our co-located campus. Cascadia has one of the highest transfer rates in the state for these very reasons.

We are committed to helping you reach your educational goals. Please feel free to reach out to any of our staff or faculty when in need. Student success is our number one priority.


Eric W. Murray, PhD