Dr. Jesús Pérez

Jesús Pérez, PhD


Dr. Jesús Pérez received his BA in interdisciplinary studies-a hybrid of Mexican, Latino, and Chicano history, art, and culture from Cal State University Fresno. He has an MA in Latin American Studies from San Diego State University where he focused on immigration and the U.S.-Mexican border. He received his PhD in Mexican History at the University of California, San Diego. Before Cascadia, he taught at San Diego City College, San Diego State University, and at the University of California, San Diego. His academic interests are in immigration issues, gang culture, Chicano and Latino studies, Mexican history, and the history of soccer in Latin America. His areas of expertise are contemporary Mexican history, Chicano history, history of the Southwest, Latin American history, U.S. Mexican relations, and Mexican return migration. He has worked as a social worker with the migrant program in Salinas, California and as a Gang Prevention Specialist with Catholic Charities in Portland, OR.


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