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Tasha Walston earned her first MA in Spanish Language and Literature from Illinois State University in 1998 and her second MA in Comparative Literature in 2006 from Penn State. While at Penn State, she specialized in Inter-American Literature with a minor in Women’s Studies, and her MA research focused on language and torture in the Americas. She has taught courses in academic writing and research; gender studies; cultural studies; film; digital humanities; global and comparative literature; and Spanish language. For the last several years, she has been teaching composition and cultural studies at Cascadia College, Shoreline Community College, and Seattle University. Now that she's joined the full-time faculty at Cascadia, Tasha's exploration of the digital humanities includes a deep dive into the heart of narrative adaptation via comics, video games, music, Dungeons & Dragons, and virtual reality. Tasha’s work as a writer and community organizer is an extension of her dedication to the larger project of teaching and learning around systems of oppression and collective liberation. In that spirit, she currently serves on the board of directors for the Northwest Animal Rights Network, is a founding member and curriculum developer for the Consent Academy, and curates social media content for an anti-racist nonprofit. Her writing appears occasionally on the feminist blog Hellish Rebuke.


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