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Office of the President

Board of Trustees

  • Mike Kelly, Chair
  • Dr. Colleen Ponto, Vice Chair
  • Janet McDaniel
  • Dr. Meghan Quint

Dr. Eric Murray, President

  • Lily Allen-Richter, Executive Assistant to the President/Public Records Officer/Rules Coordinator
  • Dr. Kerry Levett, Vice President for Student Learning & Success
  • Megan Walker, Vice President for External Relations & Planning
  • William Saraceno, Interim Vice President for Administrative Services & Human Resources (.75 FTE Temporary)
  • Chari Davenport, Executive Director of Equity & Inclusion

Student Learning & Success

Dr. Kerry Levett, Vice President for Student Learning & Success

  • Brandon Bannister, Executive Assistant, FT Temporary
  • Teya Viola, Director of Student Learning: Curriculum, Scheduling, ctcLink Operations
    • Jacqueline Webb, Program Assistant – Curriculum & Scheduling
    • Ana Benitez, Administrative Services Manager A/Faculty Support Liaison
    • Apple Blair, PTH AA3
    • Rachel Berner, PTH AA3

Dr. Lyn Eisenhour, Dean of Student Learning-Transitional Studies

  • Brandy Long, Assistant Director of eLearning
  • Dr. Anne Tuominen, eLearning Instructional Designer Senior
  • Caroline Rose, PTH Education Technologist/STEM
  • Neda Rabbanian, Advisor - Adult Basic Education
  • Joanna Muir, Program Coordinator – ABE
  • Rosa Pielle, Office Assistant 3 – ABE

Faculty (Tenured Faculty Senior 2)

  • Jared Leising (F), English
  • Robyn Ferret, English & Humanities
  • Natalie Serianni, English
  • David Dorratcague, College & Career Foundations

Faculty (Tenured Faculty – Senior 1)

  • David Bucci, English
  • Dr. Jessica Ketcham, English & Humanities

Faculty (Tenured Faculty & Permanent Status)

  • Erica Almeda, College & Career Foundations
  • Tasha Walston, English & Humanities

Faculty (Tenure Track Faculty & Permanent Status Track)

  • Vacancy, College & Career Foundations (2)
  • Vacancy, English

Faculty (Two-Year Temp Full Time Faculty)

  • Kristina Kellerman, College & Career Foundations

Dr. Erik Tingelstad, Dean of Student Learning-Professional Technical

  • Vacant, Administrative Assistant 3
  • College in the High School
  • Stephan Classen, Assistant Director of Sustainable Practices
  • Erika Miller, Workforce Navigator
  • Katie Rousso, Program Specialist 2, Workforce Education

Faculty (Tenured Faculty – Senior 2)

  • Dr. Brian Bansenauer (F), Business & Information Technology
  • Dr. Lisa Citron, Economics
  • Marc Hyman, Accounting
  • Michael Panitz (F), Business & Information Technology
  • Sharon Saxton (F), Math
  • Megan Luce, Developmental Math

Faculty (Tenured Faculty – Senior 1)

  • Chris Cuneo, BIT/Networking
  • Steve Yramategui, Math

Faculty (Tenured Faculty)

  • Cynthia Bea, Math
  • Lelia Olson, Business & Accounting
  • Srividhya Venkatraman, Math

Faculty (Tenure Track)

  • Nureni Adeyemo, BIT
  • Linda Richard, Math

Kristina Young, Dean of Student Learning – Transfer/Gen Ed.

  • Vacant, Administrative Assistant 3
  • Sarah Tsai, Interim Assistant Director of Learning Center
    • Katherine Raines, Program Assistant, Learning Center
    • Tutors and Student Hourly Employees, Bock Learning Center
  • Desiree Engel, Instruction & Classroom Support Technician 2 (10 Month)
  • Ryan Higgins, Instruction & Classroom Support Technician 2 (10 Month)
  • Kris Harrell, Instruction & Classroom Support Technician 2 (10 Month)
  • Margee Will, instruction & Classroom Support Technician 3 (10 month)

Faculty (Tenured Faculty – Senior 2)

  • Dr. Chris Byrne (F), Physics/Math
  • Dr. Lindsay Custer, Sociology
  • Dianne Fruit (F), World Languages
  • Dr. Nader Nazemi (F), Political Science & History
  • David Ortiz (F), Political Science & History
  • Erin Richards, Political Science
  • Sadie Rosenthal, Biology
  • Tori Saneda, Anthropology
  • David Shapiro (F), Philosophy
  • Eugene Taylor, History & Global Studies
  • John VanLeer (F), Earth & Environmental Sciences
  • Midori Sakura, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Faculty (Tenured Faculty – Senior 1)

  • Dr. Jesus Perez, History & Global Studies
  • Natasa Kesler, Biology
  • Chris Gildow, Art

Faculty (Tenured Faculty)

  • Dr. Soraya Cardenas, Sociology
  • Dr. Peggy Harbol, Chemistry
  • Mohandas Raj, Engineering
  • Dr. Jeff Stephens, Chemistry
  • Debra Waddell, Speech/Communication Studies
  • Garth Neufeld, Psychology
  • Dr. Azizeh Farajallah, Chemistry
  • Dr. Seraphine Shen-Miller, Psychology
  • Kathleen Brown, Art/Visual Communication

Faculty (Tenure Track)

  • None

Dr. Michael Horn, Director of Institutional Effectiveness

  • Noah Overby, Assistant Director of Academic Transfer Program

Erin Blakeney, Dean of Student Success Services

  • Vickie Ashe, Administrative Assistant 3
  • Vacancy, Director of Enrollment Services/SSS ctcLink Lead
    • David Berner, Assistant Director of Enrollment Services
      • Darla Hart, Customer Service Specialist 3
      • Fidely Navarro-Lopez, Customer Service Specialist 3
      • Rachel Webb, Customer Service Specialist 3
      • Aaron Smith, Customer Service Specialist 3
      • Vacancy, Customer Service Specialist 3
      • Marion Heard, PTH Customer Service Specialist 2
      • Vacancy, PTH Customer Service Specialist 3
      • Vacancy, PTH Customer Service Specialist 2
    • Huda Sarhan, Credential Evaluator 3
    • Kira McBride, Admissions Specialist
  • Deann Holliday, Director of Student Financial Services/SSS ctcLink co-Lead
    • Paul Lee, Assistant Director of Student Financial Services
    • Brett Steiner, Program Specialist 3
    • Martin Nunez, Program Specialist 3
    • Kayleen Gill, Program Coordinator
  • Gordon Dutrisac, Director of Student Advising & Support Services
    • Anna Stufano, Assistant Director of Student Advising & Support Services
      • Nancy Verbeck, PTH Academic Advisor
      • Lisa Hagar, PTH Academic Advisor
      • Karen Bethards, PTH Academic Advisor
      • Meghan Willette, PTH Academic Advisor
      • Marshanell Ferguson, PTH Academic Advisor
      • Vacancy, PTH Academic Advisor
    • Bryan Fauth, Interim Manager of Accessibility & Student Support Services
      • Fi Walters, Program Coordinator, Student Accessibility Services
    • Kris Hatch-Panton, Academic Advisor/Running Start Specialist
      • Aileen Ibershof, Program Coordinator/VA Cert, Official Stu Supp Serv (RS/Vet)
    • Kanchana Kularatne, Academic Advisor/Veterans Services & Retention Specialist
    • Kristen Buck, Academic Advisor/Transfer & Career Specialist
    • Ericka Morales, Academic Advisor/Retention & Completion Specialist
    • Vacancy, Academic Advisor/Guided Pathways Specialist (FT Temp until 2022)
    • Frenchie Loveheart, Vet Corps Navigator
  • Becky Riopel, Director of Student Life
    • Shandy Stomieroski, Assistant Director of Student Life
      • Samantha Penjaraenwatana, Student Life Advisor
      • Events & Advocacy Board
      • Community Engagement Officers
    • Kim Jones, Program Coordinator, Kodiak Cave
      • Student Hourly Employees

External Relations & Planning

Meagan Walker, Vice President for External Relations & Planning

  • Donna Sullivan, Executive Assistant
  • Shawna Pitts, COVID-19 Response Manager (FT Temporary)

Shawna Pitts, Interim Director of Facilities & Capital Projects (FT Temporary)

  • April Jahns, COVID Prevention Manager (.80 FTE Temporary)
  • Vacancy, Events Manager
  • Vacancy, Facilities Program Coordinator
  • Mail Services Student Hourly Employees

Sara Gómez Taylor, Manager of Outreach & Marketing

  • Scott Brown, Lead Graphic & Web Designer
  • Bong Mangaser, PTH Design Manager
  • Nina Jouval, Outreach Specialist (24-mo project)
  • Satarupa Joardar, Communications Specialist (24-mo project)
  • PTH Marketing Assistant-Web Support (COVID-19)
  • PTH Enrollment & Outreach Recruiters

Foundation Board

Mark Collins, Director, Cascadia College Foundation

  • Ketra Embleton, Foundation Development Specialist

Yukari Zednick, Director of International Programs

  • Amy Yi, Program Coordinator
  • Vacancy, Program Assistant
  • Lisa Lyman, Assistant Director of International Programs
    • Shao-Wei Wang, International Student Advisor
    • Heather Mueller, International Student Advisor
      • Student Hourly Employees
    • Vacancy, International Student Advisor
  • Vacancy, Assistant Director of International Marketing
    • Student Hourly Employees

Administrative Services & Human Resources

William Saraceno, Interim Vice President for Administrative Services (.75 Temporary)

  • Alia Mahdi, Executive Assistant (FT Temporary)

Brent Green, Director of Finance/ctcLink Lead

  • Joella Bennet-Gold, Accounting Manager
  • Vivian Lo, Fiscal Analyst 2
  • Shyla Hansen, Fiscal Specialist 2, Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Andrea Angel-Hilgendorf, Fiscal Specialist 2 (18 mo) non-permanent
  • Vacancy, Fiscal Specialist, Accounts Payable (AP)

Laura Hedal, Director of Information Services

  • Sandy Nelson, Senior Systems Administrator
  • Pat Marek, Database Administrator ctcLink
  • Dwayne Willits, Systems Administrator
  • Andrew Pederson, Systems Administrator
  • Vacancy, Technology Support Manager
    • C.J. De Haas, IT Support Analyst
    • Daniel Tran, IT Support Analyst
    • Antonio Shimono, IT Support Analyst
    • Vacancy, IT Support Analyst
    • Nicholas Eddington, IT Support Analyst
    • Anthony Gonzales, IT Support Technician
    • Vacancy, Program Specialist 2 – Info Services (IS)

Haley Green, Operations Manager, HR ctcLink Lead

  • Karina Castro, HR General Assistant

Elizabeth Englund, Human Resources Manager (6-mo FT Temporary)

Melissa Stoner Payroll Manager, Payroll ctcLink Lead

  • Gayle Waddle-Wilkes, Payroll Coordinator

Equity & Inclusion

Chari Davenport, Executive Director of Equity & Inclusion

  • Samantha Brown, Director of Organizational & Professional Development
  • Hao Cheng, Cascadia Scholars Program Lead, BIPOC Student Retention & Recruitment
  • Larissa Tikhonova, Program Specialist 2