Features artistClaire b. Jones Sculpture: A Digital Exhibit

April 3-May 24

My art is driven by a fascination with material and form, embedded in experimentation, and impelled toward possibility. Each machine-stitched fiber sculpture evolves from a technical challenge or question; each sculpture leads to more questions and more ideas. Inspired by mathematical topology and a desire to achieve new forms, I create self-supporting, three-dimensional objects out of flat fabric and machine stitching.

My background in research and computer engineering brace my systematic experimentation with technique and architectural construction. Just as math topology studies the limits and continuities of transformed shapes and spaces, I explore the properties of material, plane, and form, testing and stretching their boundaries and possibilities.

My goal is to draw in three-dimensional space. I augment the interchange between two and three dimensions by using free motion embroidery to create gradations of color and the illusion of shading or modeling. At times, I further emphasize the two-dimensional surface through allusions to other flat materials like fabric or paper. I hope, in some way, that these supple, structured objects – and the innovative processes out of which they emerge – generate a sense of possibility, a belief in our capacity to conceive and realize new forms. To learn more visit clairebjones.com or go to www.facebook.com/ClaireBJonesArtStudio/.

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