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  • Save Money - Average annual tuition is $4,623 for community college, compared to $11,745 for a four-year college in Washington
  • Flexible - Busy? Learn on your time with in-person or online classes
  • Ample Resources - Federal and State Financial Aid (FASFA & WASFA) Financial Support, scholarships, opportunity grants, worker retraining, emergency grants, free virtual tutoring, tech support, and more
  • Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - We actively build advocacy rooted in equity, social justice, and centering our most vulnerable populations
  • Shared Campus - We are co-located with the University of Washington Bothell, and share access to a nationally recognized library and joint Activities & Recreation Center
  • Class Size - Instructors spend more time with you, with an average class size of just 25 students
  • Faculty with Superior Smarts - The highest percentage of faculty with PhDs among Washington State community and technical colleges

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