Academic Support

Cascadia's academic support starts in the classroom.

Our teachers are committed to student success and our small class sizes make it easier for students to get to know their teachers, who also hold office hours to help students outside of class. In addition the following academic support services are available to Cascadia students:

Academic Advising

The International Student Advisors (ISAs)help you develop the skills you need to make sound academic decisions. Through academic advising, you make connections among your academic interests, your long-term goals, and career opportunities. ISAs are here to help you quarter by quarter with educational planning, university transfer options, college application processes, and graduation requirements. Advising is available by appointment, drop-in, by phone, by email and by Instant Messenger.

Math and Writing Center

TheMath and Writing Center provides assistance in empowering and enhancing the skills of all students to reach their academic goals. You can receive academic support and assistance in mathematics, writing, and reading skills.  Tutors are available on a walk-in basis to help you with your math. Come in to study for exams or just to do your daily homework. If you get stuck, someone will be there to help. Math tutors can work with you one-on-one or lead group problem-solving sessions. The Writing Center staff believes that anyone can learn how to write well. They also believe that writing is a skill that continues to develop over a lifetime, and that even accomplished writers can improve their writing. Writing Center staff is careful to respect the innate intelligence of the writer and to focus their attention on the writer rather than on the paper. They will view the paper as a sample of your writing with which to point out ways for you to improve as a writer. Tutors can work with you at any stage of the writing process from rough draft to final copy.

Career and Transfer Advising

The Career and Transfer Center provides transfer advising, career counseling, and assistance with job-seeking skills such as resume writing and interviewing. You can also take career assessments that can help you identify occupations or majors that match your interests and personality. The counselors at the Career and Transfer Center are able to connect you to many resources to help you make decisions about 4-year colleges and career options.


University Bookstore

Cascadia students share a bookstore with the University of Washington. At the bookstore you will be able to buy books and other supplies for your classes. There is also a selection of Cascadia merchandise, gift items, general books, and snacks.


Cascadia students share a library with the University of Washington Bothell. The library contains course-related journals, books, microfilm and audiovisual materials. Cascadia students also have access to the six million-volume collection on the Seattle campus of the University of Washington through a courier service. The library features electronic resources, including a computerized catalog, electronic reserve, online databases and multimedia resources. Librarians are available to facilitate access to library resources and help library users develop effective research strategies. If you are off-campus and you have a question for a librarian, you can also contact a librarian at any time via a live chat function on the library website. Additionally, the reference department offers quarterly one-on-one instruction and course-related in-class instruction. The Campus Library has a number of group study rooms that can be reserved for group meetings, as well as a wired study room for those who wish to use laptops. Do not miss the beautiful Reading Room, on the third floor of the library, which is a place for quiet study and reflection.