Smiling student onfront of ARC building


Japan (Fall 2019)

"I took the step of going to the college in the U.S. because of my ambition to jump into "challenging" surroundings. At Cascadia, I plan to have cultural exchanges by using my special skill in Japanese calligraphy."

Smiling student onfront of ARC building


Costa Rica (Fall 2019)

"Finding that many of its faculty hold PhDs made me think about the quality of education at Cascadia. Also reading about people coming from different areas made me see it as a college which people made an extra effort to be part of, and think that I would be honored if I was accepted."

Smiling student onfront of ARC building


Vietnam (Fall 2019)

"Cascadia has big and modern facilities such as lab, library and sport complex. Since I'm a sports lover and I like to play different kind of sports. Also, I will have the chance to learn some new sports such as tennis, soccer and volleyball."


Smiling student onfront of ARC building


Cambodia (Summer 2019)

"I discovered that Cascadia's environment is enriched in diversity. This interactive and supportive system has enhanced my college experience mentally and physically. I believe this has been an amazing experience so far and I cannot wait to bring this experience back to Cambodia."

Smiling student on campusSeolyoung

Korea (Summer 2019)

"Cascadia College provides a great academic environment. The scholarship schemes and transfer system offers are some of the reasons that compelled me to choose Cascadia. My sister is also currently taking the English Language program and I am very excited to spend campus life with her."

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Korea (Summer 2019)

"People need to be educated throughout their lives because education is the most powerful weapon that they can use to change the world as well as their own lives. I want to study more science and be someone who can help others (especially people with special needs)."


Smiling students on campus


Taiwan (Summer 2019)

"The professors at Cascadia are amazing. For my communication class, I go to my professor's office hour almost every week and I felt welcome everytime."

KhongorzulSmiling students on campus

Mongolia (Summer 2019)

"I like to participate in extracurricular activities to build up my social and communication skills to discover my perspective."

Smiling students on campus


Korea (Spring 2019)

"I chose Cascadia College because there is a systematic English Language Program. I am positive that my English ability will improve a lot."

Smiling students on campus


Cambodia (Spring 2019)

"Cascadia is the right path for me to get into one of the top tier universities."


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China (Winter 2019)

"Cascadia College is smaller in size than other community colleges are. It is a golden opportunity for me because there are few international students and I will inevitably place myself in a challenging environment to improve my English. Cascadia students transfer to superb universities. This is the result of tireless effort of students and teachers."

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Colombia (Winter 2019)

"Cascadia College offers the social studies program, which is very significant for me because it is a program related to my current career, and it gives a social focus which will help me to fulfill my goal of working for a NGO such as foundations to help vulnerable people in Colombia."


Smiling students on campusYulin

Taiwan (Winter 2019)

"Being a student at Cascadia for over a year, I am more active to acquire knowledge. This attitude will help both on my academic time and my career in the future."

Smiling students on campusSarah

Republic Democratic of Congo (Winter 2019)

"Leaving my French speaking country at age 17
to pursue my education at Cascadia helped me discover how to turn a fear into strength. I was afraid that my "poor" English skills would prevent
me from learning and succeeding in my classes. However, I stayed up late and woke up early every morning studying for my classes, reading books and watching videos in English to improve my skills. I was able to create a club that would allow people to communicate and share my culture."

Phu Tran from Vietnam



Vietnam (Winter 2019)

"By getting involved in lots of amazing, meaningful events and clubs on campus, I built my rapport and improve my interaction and communication skills."




Smiling students on campusDiaz

Kazakhstan (Summer 2018)

"Studying at one of the best community colleges and having a chance of communicate with intelligent people will undoubtedly contribute to my development and growth in all areas."


AlanSmiling students on campus

Colombia (Summer 2018)

"I saw that the best option was Cascadia College, since it has very strong values ​​and prepares students to fulfill their responsibilities that is my objective at this moment. I think I can contribute a lot to this college as well, since I have a lot of potential to demonstrate and I've always liked to live and share in community."

Smiling students on campus


China (Summer 2018)

"I intended to study at Cascadia College to enrich my knowledge, strengthening mathematics learning and building up my critical thinking skills."


 Smiling students on campusMeret

Turkmenistan (Summer 2018)

"I was more impressed by the positive things students had to say about Cascadia College. Most of the reviews were praising strong academics, gorgeous campus, convenient location and plenty of the extracurricular activities Student Life at Cascadia had to offer."

Smiling students on campus


Hong Kong (Summer 2018)

"Having access to different facilities shared with the University of Washington Bothell such as library and gymnasium are fantastic experience."