International student Tuition and Fees

Cascadia’s small classes, attentive faculty, and proven teaching methods deliver high quality education at an affordable price. International students should expect to pay an estimated $10,626 for tuition and fees per year based on 2022 – 2023 tuition rates for English Foundations (EF) program or Associate programs. Please note that the following costs are estimated expenses and that actual tuition, fees, and expenses vary based on individual circumstances and course placements.


Estimated Costs of College
(in U.S. Dollars: 2022 - 2023 Academic Year)

Total Estimated Expenses*
EF & Associate Programs Bachelor Program
3 Months (1 Qtr) 9 Months (3 Qtrs)
3 Months (1 Qtr) 9 Months (3 Qtrs)
Tuition & Fees
$3,542 $10,626
$6,735 $20,205
Living & Personal Expenses
$3,302 $9,906 $3,302 $9,906
Total $6,844 $20,532
Total estimated cost for
one academic year
$10,037 $30,111
Total estimated cost for
one academic year

Cost Breakdown

Estimated Tuition & Fees EF & Associate Programs Bachelor Program
3 Months (1 Qtr) 9 Months (3 Qtrs)
Academic Year
3 Months (1 Qtr) 9 Months (3 Qtrs)
Academic Year
Tuition* $3,402 $10,206 $6,595 $19,785
College Miscellaneous Fees $140 $420 $140 $420
Total $3,542 $10,626 $6,735 $20,205

*Note: Tuition rates are based on full-time study (15 credits/3 college courses or 20 credits/4 EF courses).

Estimated Cost of Living
3 Months (1 Qtr) 9 Months (3 Qtrs)
Academic Year
Books & Supplies
$325 $975
Health Insurance
$375 $1,125
Room & Board $2,475 $7,425
Local Transportation $127 $381
Total $3,302 $9,906


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Proof of Funding

Cascadia College is legally required to verify that international student applicants have sufficient funds available to cover tuition and living costs before we can issue an I-20. The estimated amount for one academic year at Cascadia College is U.S. $20,532. It is important that applicants have sufficient funding available for the entire duration of the academic program. Applicants may be asked to provide this information when applying for a visa at the United States Embassy or Consulate. Estimated costs are subject to change without prior notice and students should be prepared for any adjustments in expenses. Students also must be prepared to pay all tuition and fees in full, as well as charges for living expenses at the time of registration. Checks (from a United States bank account), money orders, cash, and credit cards are accepted

Sources of Funding

If you are receiving any funding from your employer, a sponsor, or from the government, be prepared to present the appropriate letters or documents which verify this funding. If your financial support is coming from personal or family funds, you may be asked to provide monthly bank account statements. 

  • Documents must be no older than 3 months at the time of application.
  • Documents must be on the bank’s official letterhead.
  • Funds may be either in U.S. dollars or your country’s currency.

 In certain circumstances, we may request additional information or documents.

Students with Dependents

An additional $5,000 is required for each dependent.

Other Expenses

You are expected to have an emergency fund of at least $1,000, as well as enough funds to support yourself while residing or traveling to or from the U.S., whether or not you attend school.