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High School Programs

Running Start

Earn college credit from your high school classes

If you're an eligible high school junior or senior, apply for Cascadia’s Running Start Program to earn college credit tuition free while you fulfill Washington State high school graduation requirements. Running Start lets you complete up to 2 years of college while you're still in high school.

Underage Student Admission

Under exceptional circumstances, Cascadia may admit students 16-17 years of age who are not in the Running Start program. In your first quarter, you can enroll in only one 5-credit course. After your first quarter, Cascadia will do an evaluation to determine whether you may enroll in additional courses.

Cascadia cannot guarantee you the class you request in your application. It may be full, or it may be cancelled.

To apply, see Underage Student Admission

Tech Prep

Tech Prep lets you earn free college credit for certain professional/technical (vocational) courses you complete in high school.

Classes you can take

Cascadia currently offers 12 courses for credit through local high schools. The courses are taught by the high school teachers at your high school. To earn college credit for these classes, you must register for the course through Tech Prep and earn a grade of B or higher. Registration must occur before you complete the course. To find out which Tech Prep classes Cascadia offers at your school, ask your school’s vocational counselor or see the lists of dual-credit courses on the College Credit and Careers Network website.

How to Register

To enroll in Tech Prep, see Tech Prep: How to Register

The Tech Prep Program

The Tech Prep program is managed by the College Credit and Careers Network, which coordinates Tech Prep credit for 9 school districts and 4 community colleges in the area.

Cascadia in the High School

Cascadia in the High School (CiHS) is a dual enrollment program that allows high school students (9th grade or higher) the opportunity to earn college credits by taking college level classes at your high school.

In order to qualify you must be enrolled in a participating high school and meet specific course requirements and prerequisites. The classes are taught by a high school instructor who has been approved by the college.

Application Instructions

Cascadia Student User Guide

If you have not previously earned college credit with Cascadia College (either through CIHS or Running Start), you must first complete a Cascadia application for admissions at this link: Application

There is no cost associated with the application and it should take less than 10 minutes. Without this step we will be unable to process your course registration later. CIHS students are advised to answer the application questions below in the following manner:

  • When asked to select the Program for which you are applying, select: Transitional Studies
  • For the Plan Code, enter “High School Diploma”.
  • For Admit Type, enter in First Year
  • DO NOT enter a Sub Plan
  • When asked for the Term, select Winter 2022

Once you submit the application, you should receive an automated confirmation message from the college within two business days, please keep it for your records as it will have your Cascadia student ID #.

If you need assistance with the application, please contact

Teachers / High Schools

Students / Parents

Registration Fee

The 2021-22 fee is $215 per 5 credit class. Payment is made online through via credit card or echeck.

2021-22 Registration Dates and Deadlines

Requests for withdrawal must be made in writing to the college. Only the student can request a withdrawal. Students can send their request to


A Cascadia transcript will be generated and available after the course has been completed and grades have been submitted by the instructor.

Click here for information about requesting your Cascadia transcript.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students taking Cascadia in the High School courses are subject to the same student conduct and policies that on campus students must follow. These policies outline acceptable conduct, academic integrity, honesty and plagiarism. See the student handbook to view the list of policies.


If you have questions about the Cascadia in the High School program, please send a message to