Next Steps after CCF

CCF classes prepare students for college and careers. Many students go on to college level classes at Cascadia College, or find an I-BEST or a professional technical program in the area.

Your CCF advisor can help you complete the steps necessary before you transition to college. Some of those steps are Applying for Admissions Online, taking the Accuplacer, participating in CORE and filling out your FAFSA.

Transitions Advising

Students are encouraged to meet with the CCF advisor, Neda Rabbanian, to discuss their college and career goals and plan their transition to college-level classes. It can take time to plan your next steps. Neda can help you research careers and college programs, answer questions about how to get started with college-level classes, and assist with the application for financial aid.

Neda also has information about scholarships and other resources that could help you transition to college.

You can make an appointment with Neda by emailing her at

Transitions Scholarship

Every year, the Cascadia Foundation awards a limited number of scholarships to assist CCF students with their transition to college-level classes. If you are planning to transition to college, discuss your plans with our program advisor and ask about how to apply for the transition scholarship.

This scholarship is available to students who have participated in Cascadia’s College and Career Foundations program and are now continuing their education at the college level. We encourage you to apply for this scholarship as part of your college application process. If you have questions about how to apply, contact the CCF advisor, Neda Rabbanian, at