College and Career Foundations Programs

Welcome to the College and Career Foundations (CCF) Program! CCF includes English Foundations, Math Foundations, GED® prep, and HS+. These classes are designed to help students improve their English and math skills so that they can move forward on pathways to high school diplomas, GED®, college coursework, and/or employment.

English and Math Foundations

English Foundations (EF) classes help students develop reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in English. EF classes are designed to help students improve their English so that they can continue on pathways to high school credentials (GED® or diploma), college-level coursework, and/or employment.

Beginning and intermediate-level EF classes are for students who speak a first language other than English, live in the United States, and have English skills below college level. Upper-level classes include students who are working on a high school credential (a diploma or the GED®) and/or preparing to take English 101.

Math Foundations classes help students improve their skills to earn a high school credential and/or enter college-level math classes.

High School+ and GED® Prep

Students can take classes to earn credits toward a high school diploma or prepare for the GED® tests. Our program advisor can help you decide which option is better for you.

Our High School+ program lets you apply previous high school credits and work experience to your high school diploma, then earn your remaining credits with us.