Welcome! If you are new to our program, or returning after two or more years, there are 5 steps to getting registered.

Note: Our program serves students who are living in the U.S. We welcome all immigrants, refugees, and U.S. citizens. We cannot serve students with short-term visas (for example student visas, au pair visas, and tourist visas). Please contact us if you have questions about whether you can study in our program. International students should visit the International Programs page for information.

Application Dates

We hope we can serve you soon. We start taking applications 6-8 weeks before the start of the next quarter.

  • Summer - application opens in May
  • Fall - application opens in August
  • Winter - application opens in November
  • Spring - application opens in February

Application Process

Step 1: Apply

Complete and submit the online application form. You can apply using the link below, or you can call or visit our office, and we can help you. Then wait 1-2 business days for a welcome email with next steps.

Step 2: Complete The Placement Form

Your welcome email will include a link to a placement form. After you complete the placement form, we will contact you within 1-2 business days to schedule your orientation.

(ABE/HS+/GED® students do not need to complete the placement form. We will contact you with orientation dates.)

Step 3: Schedule Orientation And Testing

Reply to our email to schedule your appointment for orientation and testing. We have morning and evening appointments available. Your appointment will be on campus and will last about 3 hours. We will also send you a copy of our orientation presentation. You can review the information before your appointment.

Step 4: Attend Orientation And Testing And Register For Classes

During orientation and testing you will meet program staff and get ready for classes. All CCF students are required to take a reading (or math) test. Don't worry, this test won't change your class placement! Testing is in-person, on campus. After you finish your test, we will work with you to review your personal goals, talk about your placement, decide your class schedule, register for classes, and set up your student accounts.

Step 5: Handle Tuition, Transportation, and Technology

Pay tuition (or apply for a waiver), decide if you need a parking permit or bus pass, and finish any needed account set-up. You did it! Welcome to Cascadia! Please contact our office if you need help with any of these tasks; we are happy to help you.

Quarterly Schedule

We offer morning and evening classes. We have some online classes for students working on their HS+ diploma or GED®. See the Quarterly Class Search for the up-to-date class schedule (search for academic group CCF – College and Career Foundations).

Certificates of Completion

The College and Career Foundations office will provide students with a certificate of completion if a student completes and passes a level, and certificates of attendance if requested.


Our program is designed to help students transition into college and/or a career. Students have the opportunity to improve their skills, earn a high school diploma or equivalent if they need one, and discuss their future plans with a program advisor. Start planning for your next steps after ESL or ABE! Think about your goals, and how to transition into college or a career. Make an appointment with Neda Rabbanian, the CCF Advisor, to start planning for the future! You can email Neda at nrabbanian@cascadia.edu. Students in upper levels of CCF are asked to meet at least quarterly with the advisor. Students will complete a “CCF and Beyond” plan with the advisor in order to plan their next steps after CCF and get support to reach their goals. This meeting is the start of creating their academic plan.