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Instructional Programs


Earn a transfer degree or transfer all your credits to a four-year college

At Cascadia, you'll gain more than a two-year degree with transferable credits. You'll also develop contacts with instructors and business leaders, create individual and small group projects, and learn communication, presentation, and leadership skills.

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Use your associate degree (or higher) to earn a bachelor's right here at Cascadia in Sustainable Practices!

Cascadia offers a bachelor's degree in Sustainable Practices. Use your associate degrees and work towards a new career path by studying sustainability and environmental studies!


Use your associate degree or computer science degree to earn a bachelor's in Mobile Apps Development!

Cascadia offers a bachelor's degree in Mobile Apps Development! Use your associate degree in programming to career in programing applications!


Earn a prof/tech degree or certificate

You decide what works for you: complete a certificate and enter the workforce or stack earned certificates towards a professional-technical degree or a bachelors at Cascadia!

Online classes

Take your classes online

Cascadia offers classes during the day, in the evening, and online. So, whether you're holding down a job, taking care of family members, or volunteering in the community, you'll find a variety of options to help make it possible for you to attend college.