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What is a bachelor of applied science degree?

A Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) is a baccalaureate degree with a major in a technical field that has substantial applied content. For graduates of two-year professional technical programs, BAS degrees are a pathway to continue their education. This baccalaureate degree will lead graduates to jobs in the Information Technology (IT) sector that focus on mobile application development. It was designed as a continuation from Cascadia’s two year degrees in Web Applications and Programming.

For additional information you can download the SBCTC's flyer about the system's Bachelor of Applied Science programs. 

What skills will I develop in this degree program?

Cascadia's Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Application Development prepares students for a career in the area of Mobile Application Development.  This program is designed to meet current industry demands in the field of Information Technology related to full-stack systems design across major mobile platforms. Students, working both independently and in teams, will finish the program with a professional portfolio that demonstrates app development expertise from design through launch and beyond including crash monitoring.

Upon successful completion of this degree a student will be able to:

  • Develop, troubleshoot, and update mobile applications and platforms to meet project objectives and provide impactful experiences

  • Identify, analyze, and prioritize stakeholder needs throughout the development process to create engaging mobile applications

  • Present an application's visual design, technical functionality, and overall marketability to a range of audiences and stakeholders

  • Use professional communication and coding tools to work efficiently and effectively as part of an app development team, whether asynchronously or in-person

How is the program designed?

Technical Skills for Mobile App Developers

The BAS in Mobile Application Development is intended for students who have completed an associate degree web applications, programming or related technology areas.  Students can enter the program from other degree pathways provided they have 90 credits or more and meet the admission criteria. 

The degree is designed to provide students with a full-time or part-time option with classes clustered primarily in the late afternoon/evening to accommodate working students.  The degree was also intended for working professionals looking to change, expand or enhance their skill set.

Embedded in this program are three 20 credit certificates: Android Application Development; iOS Application Development and Mobile Backend Development.  The certificates were created specifically for IT professionals working in industry with an interest in acquiring new, specific skill sets.  An individual interested in completing a specific certificate only would still need to complete the program application process


Is this degree accredited?

This degree has been approved and recognized by the State of Washington under the authority of RCW 28B.50.810 and is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, which is the accrediting authority for all postsecondary institutions in a seven-state region.


Is financial aid available?

Yes. Cascadia students who are interested in receiving financial aid should use the Free Application for Federal Financial aid (FAFSA). Students who are eligible for financial assistance through the FAFSA may qualify for state or federal grants, loans, and work-study. The Cascadia College Foundation also offers a series of scholarship awards to students each year.

Additionally, for students who are considered displaced workers, the Worker Retraining grant can offer up to two quarters of financial assistance, including vouchers for books and transportation for those who qualify.

Is there any job placement data?

The BAS in Mobile Application Development is a brand-new cutting-edge program that is the first of its kind in Washington. It is too new to have any job placement data for Cascadia’s program. However, Cascadia College has worked with industry leaders to ensure that the skills you will learn in this program will directly translate into jobs in this labor market.

Currently, Software/Applications Developers are listed as the number one in-demand occupation for King Count by Employment Security’s Labor Market Data. Other computer occupations, Web Developers, and several other Information Technology occupations also made the Top 25 list.

Here are some sources for career information in Applications Development:

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