LTD Troubleshooting Guide

Canvas Troubleshooting

  • I can’t log into Canvas
    1. Are you able to log into using your network account (account for email, Navigate, printing, etc)?
      1. Yes: Use that login and password to log into canvas.
        1. Yes: but not Canvas: try switching browsers
          1. Still not working? contact or helpdesk
    2. No: Contact or helpdesk
  • My class material won’t load
    1. Is your browser up to date?
    2. Are your system updates up to date?
    3. Are you using an approved browser/version?
    4. Have you cleared your cache/cookies?
    5. Have you tried changing browsers?
  • Where is the course syllabus?
    1. Contact your course instructor if you are not seeing it in the LMS. Your instructor’s email address is first (example Sam Smith would be
  • Can I use my cell phone or tablet for class work?
    1. Using the Canvas app, yes. However, it is recommended that you take exams and complete assignments using a computer or laptop.
    2. WAMAP does not have a mobile app and has not been confirmed to work on mobile devices.
  • Is there a Canvas use tutorial?
    1. There are two tutorials
      1. WeekZero (“How to use Canvas”)
      2. Canvas Community Help Pages Student Guide
  • What is the preferred browser for Canvas/WAMAP?
    1. WAMAP can run on any computer/laptop browser
    2. Canvas works best in Google Chrome and Firefox

WAMAP Specific Questions

Online Learning Questions

  • How much time can I expect to spend with an online course?
    1. On average: 15+ hours a week, per class
  • Can I complete my online coursework whenever I want? Are expectations different for online courses?
    1. Expectations for online coursework are no different than face-to-face course work. Like any course, you will have assignment deadlines and homework.
    2. Please check your schedule information carefully to be sure you know if your online classes are synchronous or asynchronous

Campus Resources

  • Where can I find tutoring?
    1. The Bock Writing and Tutoring Center can provide tutoring for you. The website gives you hours and multiple ways to connect with the tutoring center
  • Who do I contact for exam or class accommodations?
    1. Student Accessibility Services can be reached at
  • How do I reach my instructor for questions?
    1. Your instructor can be reached for questions by using the Canvas Help “Ask my teacher” button or by emailing your teacher at first (example: Sam Smith

Registration Related Difficulties