About Study Abroad

Studying abroad while you are in college allows you to earn college credit while living in and experiencing another country and culture. It is a life-changing experience that also looks great on a job application or when you apply to transfer to a university. All Cascadia students can study abroad, including Running Start students, international students, and veterans.

Cascadia College is able to offer study abroad opportunities as a part of the Washington State Community College Consortium for Study Abroad, or WCCCSA. Through WCCCSA, we partner with other community colleges in Washington to send students together to study in other countries. For all WCCCSA programs, we work with 3rd party providers in-country who specialize in running study abroad programs. We offer both quarter-long and short term programs abroad.

What's it like to study abroad? Check out this video with testimonials, photos, and video clips from our different study abroad locations! Photo/video credits to: Green River College Media Services, Ashah Dolleman, Caleb Leong, Heidi Yagen, Patrick Navin, Bruce Haulman, Marc Milsten.

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