Issues preventing Cascadia students and faculty/staff from creating and/or managing their UW NetIDs are now believed to be resolved.  If you are still having issues with the processes on this page, please contact the Cascadia Information Services Help Desk.

A UW NetID (University of Washington Network Identification) is an account that you create to gain online access to certain University of Washington services, including: 

  • Off-campus access to library resources designated "UW restricted"
  • The University of Washington Bothell wireless network, which is available on all floors of the library buildings (LB1, LB2, and LBA), the ARC and University of Washington Bothell buildings (UW1 and UW2).
  • The NuPark system which allows you to purchase online parking permits.
  • Access to the joint-campus emergency notification system.

Creating Your UW NetID

You'll Need Your Cascadia Network Account

You must have an active Cascadia Network Account to get a UW NetID. 


Your account is automatically created within four weeks before you start your first class at Cascadia (i.e. if you are registered for Fall, you will get your account information four weeks prior to the start of Fall quarter). You will get a message to the email address you used for enrollment/registration with your user name included and the pattern for your starting/default password.  If you find that your account was not created or you have other issues, please contact the Help Desk for further assistance.  You must change your default password before you can use it to create a UW NetID or access other various technical resources.  Details on that process can be found here.


Your supervisor gives you your account information when you begin work at Cascadia. See here if you need to change or reset your password.

Choosing your NetID

When you are creating your account, the system will suggest NetIDs that haven't already been taken.  Over 60,000 UW NetIDs are already in use. Once you choose a NetID user name, you cannot change it. If you transfer to the University of Washington, your NetID will become your email address.

Create a UW NetID account

Go to Create Your UW NetID,  then:

  • Click on the link "Sign in to Cascadia College"
  • At the Cascadia login page, enter your Cascadia email address and password, then click "Sign In"
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to create a UW NetID and password
Managing Your UW NetID

Change your UW NetID password if you know your current password

  • Go to IT Connect
  • Under the section for "Reset or Change Your Password", click on "Change Your UW NetID Password"
  • Log in with your UW NetID and your current password
  • Enter your current password and new password where prompted and click "Set Password"

Reset your UW NetID password if you've forgotten it

  • Go to IT Connect
  • Under the section for "Reset or Change Your Password", click on "Reset a Forgotten UW NetID Password"
  • You must know your UW NetID
  • Step by step instruction for completing this task are on IT Connect page as well.

Look up your UW NetID if you've forgotten it

  • Go to Find Your UW NetID 
  • Click on "Sign in as a Cascadia College student" or "Sign in as a Cascadia College faculty/staff" link
  • Log in with your Cascadia Network Account
  • Your UW NetID should be displayed

Get help with problems

  • Contact the Help Desk.
  • Go to IT Connect
  • NOTE: Some of the features discussed on this UW information page are not available to Cascadia students, faculty, and staff.