Campus Services

Cascadia offers a wide array of services to support students and patrons


Campus Bookstore

Students may order online from the UW Bookstore and can receive free shipping to their homes between Dec. 26 through Jan. 13 using promo code WINTER23. The UWB/Cascadia campus will not be offered as a pick-up location this winter quarter.

The UW Bookstore will have a pop-up location selling a small assortment of popular supply items (accepting credit card payment only) in the LB2 building on Jan. 3 through Jan. 5 from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM only.

Commuter Services

Commuter Services provides transportation resources to the campus community, including the providing of parking permits, disability parking assistance, bicycle and pedestrian access, bus route information, and carpool support. Our ultimate goal is reducing single-occupancy vehicle trips to the college campus. As such, campus serves as a hub for Metro, Sound Transit and Community Transit bus services. Visit Cascadia Commuter Services or UWB Commuter Services for more information.

Computing Services

Cascadia College is committed to ensuring it equips its learning resources,students, staff and faculty with advanced technology. Cascadia offers a wide range of technology and computing services -- including online access to Washington state's community and technical college resources, enrollment services, classroom and teaching platforms, PC and MAC computer labs, individualized email accounts, multi-media and desktop computers, print services and discounts on software products.

Custodial and Maintenance

The Facilities Services Department (UWB) provides services to the Cascadia campus as well as UWB and is comprised of maintenance, custodial and grounds services. Although its work covers a large area (literally and administratively), their goal is to provide timely, effective and high-quality service while attending to the day-to-day needs of the entire campus.

Food Services

Get your food fix across campus with options that cater to a host of preferences and styles. For a complete list visit UW Bothell Food Services

Library Services

The Campus Library supports and enhances teaching, learning, and research at UW Bothell and CCC through the provision of information and resources. As a unit of the University of Washington Libraries this shared resource acquires and manages material and virtual resources, and promotes the creation and use of knowledge in an atmosphere where information and ideas are readily accessible and freely exchanged.

Meditation Room

The Cascadia College Mediation Room (CC3-120) is an open space for the Cascadia community to seek quiet time for meditation and reflection. Meditation Room Guidelines:

  • This is a safe space for meditation, prayer, and quiet reflection.
  • Please treat this room with respect and care.
  • Book room in 15 minute intervals using the sign-in sheet hanging outside near the door.
  • This room is reserved Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:15-12:50pm for an employee meditation activity. A sign will be posted when the room is in use for this purpose.
  • Do not eat, drink, use cell phones, study, or nap in this space; use other spaces on campus to meet those needs. Those using this space for non-meditation/prayer/reflection uses will be asked to move to another space.

Emergency Preparedness

There is no greater tool than preparedness, no better help to our campus - as individuals or as a community than making ready before the day goes astray. Through the efforts of the joint-campus Emergency Preparedness Committee, comprised of leaders from both institutions, Cascadia and UWB are dedicated to the ongoing improvement of emergency preparedness for our campus community. For more information, visit Cascadia's Emergency Preparedness page.

Security and Campus Safety

The UWB Security and Campus Safety office provides professional security and campus safety services to Cascadia as well as the UW Bothell campus. Campus safety involves far more than traffic enforcement. Their work includes monitoring local and campus crime, coordinating emergency response and evacuations, and reporting security incidents. In coordination with Emergency Preparedness coordinators, they develop and implement a comprehensive plan for disaster preparedness as well as provide information regarding personal health services and safety issues, such as domestic violence. Please don't hesitate to request safety escort services, report any suspicious behavior, or suggest ways we can help you feel more secure on campus.

  • Emergencies: 425-352-5222
  • Non-Emergencies: 425-352-5359

Student Support Services

Cascadia College offers additional resources to help students build a good foundation with supporting services. Visit these resource links for more information: