become a tutor

Becoming a tutor

Tutoring is a great way to strengthen your content knowledge while helping fellow students better understand their course material. If you are interested in applying, please carefully review all of the information below.


Application Materials 

Required Application Materials

If you would like to apply for a tutoring position, please review the job description in its entirety.  Required application materials are listed at the bottom of that document.

  • Peer Tutor job description [pdf]
  • Math/STEM Tutor application [word]
  • Writing Tutor application [word]
  • Public Speaking Tutor application [word]

You will notice in the job description that a reference is required. We ask that recommenders address the following in their letter:

  1. The applicant’s academic potential in their proposed tutoring area. In your experience with the applicant, what is their knowledge and skill level in this area?
  2. The applicant’s ability to work with peers in the classroom. Do they collaborate well with others in a group setting? Do they demonstrate leadership potential?

Cascadia faculty can submit a formal letter or send an informal email to Lindsay Burke at Non Cascadia faculty should submit a formal letter.

Application Process

Hiring Time

Most of our hiring occurs 2-6 weeks before a new quarter begins. However, prospective tutors may submit applications at any time and we will hold these materials for 6 months to be considered if a position comes available. When a position opens, our strongest applicants are invited for an interview.


Send Materials

All application materials should be submitted by email to Learning Center Assistant Director Lindsay Burke at Materials may be submitted separately, but applications will not be considered until all documents, including recommendations, have been received.


Tutor Training

Training Requirement

All new tutors are required to complete all-day training session that adheres to College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) certification standards. This session is held annually just before the fall quarter begins with additional sessions scheduled as needed throughout the academic year. If a tutor is hired mid quarter or for a quarter when a training session will not be held, they will complete an initial individual training program with the Learning Center's Assistant Director prior to working their first shift. These tutors will be required to attend the next scheduled all-day training session.

Time Commitment

Tutoring Time Commitment

On average, our tutors work 8-12 hours per week. Tutors who are currently enrolled in at least 6 credits at Cascadia may work up to 19 hours per week. Those enrolled in fewer credits or not at all may work up to 16 hours per week. While we have no minimum number of hours a peer tutor must work to retain employment, our preferences is at least 7 hours per week.