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Student Clubs

Cascadia clubs are open to all currently enrolled students. There are no requirements to join a club, so if you are interested in participating, the best way is to show up to one of their meetings or contact them directly to learn more. The Office of Student Life hosts a quarterly Involvement Fair, where you can meet representatives from each of the active clubs and find out more about the club's activities and events. 


Why Join a Club?

  • Involvement outside of class is a huge part of student learning in college
  • Meet new friends who share your interests and/or identities
  • Learn teamwork and organizational leadership
  • Develop and discover your talents by sharing them with others
  • Gain practical, professional leadership experience
  • Build community and be more connected on campus
  • It's fun!

What Clubs Do

A club will be what its members make it. Some clubs have large ambitions and some more modest. Some may be dedicated to a specific cause, viewpoint, or culture, while others may be more social and broad. Whatever your mission, being part of a recognized club opens up some excellent opportunities, such as:

  • Holding regular meetings on campus
  • Traveling to conferences and taking field trips 
  • Hosting events on campus such as cultural festivals, speakers, films, performing arts, or social gatherings
  • Organizing and inspiring student awareness, activism, philanthropy, and community service

Club Benefits

  • Access to campus facilities
  • Free publicity and marketing through Student Life newsletters, posters, website, and social media
  • Access to thousands of dollars in funding dedicated specifically to supporting club activities
  • Support from a dedicated advisor committed to serving clubs
  • Use of the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) resources for printing, decorating, button-making, banner-painting, etc.
  • Access to vast inventory of Student Life supplies for events and programs

Current Club Resources and Forms

Important club documents such as quarterly update forms, funding requests, and others can be found at this current club resources and forms website.

How to Start a New Club

Starting a club at Cascadia is easier than ever! There are two different club levels with slightly different criteria and privileges. Clubs have the ability to choose their club level depending upon the extent of involvement and activities they would like to lead.

To apply for recognition as a new club, fill out the Club Application for Recognition form. New clubs are recognized every 2 weeks during the Club Council meeting. Clubs can begin to be recognized at the start of Fall quarter and throughout the academic year.

  1. Find three to five (3-5) currently enrolled Cascadia students who share your interest in starting the club. Level 1 Clubs must have a minimum of three (3) members to start, and Level 2 Clubs must have a minimum of five (5) club members. There is no maximum number of members for either club level.
  2. If you wish to be a Level 2 Club, find a Cascadia College employee who is willing to advise your club, travel with your club, and attend club meetings and events. Club Advisors are required for Level 2 Clubs, but are optional for Level 1 Clubs. 
  3. Fill out the Club Application for Recognition form.
  4. A representative from your club must attend the next scheduled Club Council meeting to present the proposed club to club members at Club Council. The Clubs Coordinator of Cascadia Events & Advocacy Board (EAB) chairs Club Council, so they will email you an invitation to attend the meeting. Club Council members will then review your Club Application for Recognition form and will vote on the approval and recognition of your club.

**Club Council meetings are scheduled every other Friday, from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM in-person.

Active Clubs

Interested in seeing a list of previously active clubs? Scroll down this website to view the list and contact us if you would to reestablish the club!

Don’t see a club for you? Email to learn how to start your own!

Cascadia Art Club logo Cascadia Art Club

Come down to the Cascadia Art Club to relax, have fun, and create! The club is open to all skill levels, so no worries if you're worried about your artistic talents! We hope to see you there!

Cascadia Music Club

We want to encourage people to grow in their musical ability, as well as give students the opportunity to continue playing music as college students. Even if you don't have much experience with music you'd be welcome to come to one of our meetings.

CC Engineers Club logo

CC Engineers Club

The engineering club is open to any student who is interested in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Through hands on activities, members of all skill levels will have the opportunity to design, build, and share engineered projects with other creative problem solvers. Get ready to strengthen your skills, create a collection of projects related to your career, and connect with your peers! Some of the club projects we've undertaken include designing 3d printed models, making a video game with python, and electronic prototyping with Arduino.

To be connected with students who who to learn French or practice their speaking. Build a community of French speakers. 

Health and Sciences Club logoHealth & Sciences Club

As a Health and Sciences Club, we work on providing training for real life situations and experience for Secondary Schools. This is especially important for students interested in scientific and medical opportunities to learn about it and experience, regardless of age.

Mental health club

The Mental Health Club works to provide student driven activities and programs related to mental health. The goals of the club will be to provide information, advocacy, and hands on activities to address a variety of mental health challenges on campus. We are a dual campus club with UWB and partner with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

Sports Club logoSports club

In this club's weekly meetings, we enjoy playing sports such as volleyball, basketball, tennis, soccer, and more. You are welcome to join us regardless of your experience and please introduce new sports to us if you can! Our primary goal is encouraging students to stay healthy and make new friends, which is important to have a good school life.

Sustainability Club LogoSustainability Club

The Sustainability Club is a place we gather, listen, create community, and have events helping the local community that surrounds us! We volunteer with local non profits like the Friends of North Creek Forest and 21 Acres Farm! We also host our own beach clean ups to do our part for the Ocean! We like to discuss controversial topics within the environmental science world, and we encourage each other to grow and learn together!


Uniting each other through languages and teaching people our culture. Hakuna matata means no worries. Education never ends, you can learn pieces of Swahili from us. 

Previously Active Clubs

Interested in reestablishing a previously active club? We would love for you to claim the club and become the new club leader. Contact us at to learn more about how to reestablish the club. 

Bridges international Club

The Cascadia/UWB Bridges International club holds weekly coffeehouses for cultural celebrations and discussions, uniting international students and internationally-minded Americans in an inclusive and caring community, that engages in spiritual conversations following coffeehouse, as well as events that build social connections, student leadership, and service qualities.

Cascadia Student Veterans of America

Our purpose is to provide a sense of belonging and community among student veterans and student veteran supporters through social gatherings and community involvement.

CC Bhangra Club

We want to teach people about the folk dance of India and bring people of our community in once place to be comfortable with each other.

Chess Club

Chess club is a fantastic opportunity for beginner chess players and experts alike to share their skills, strategies, and knowledge to improve as players. No prior knowledge is required to join.

Chinese Communications Club

We are aiming to make connections between Chinese culture and students at Cascadia, through experiences with traditional Chinese activities, arts, and food.


Join us as we embark on adventures with interactive storytelling through the classic tabletop roleplay game (TTRPG), Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). D&D Club is an inclusive environment for game-lovers, RPG players, table-top gamers, actors, writers, and anyone with a flair for imagination. We work to promote team building, problem solving, conflict resolution, improvisational skills, world building exercises, character creation workshops, cooperation skills, and similar ideas. We welcome new and experienced players and DMs (Dungeon Masters) from all walks of life. 

Deep Space Astronomy Club

We want to gather those students who have interests in the universe and astronomy, as well as to bring the beauty of cosmos to everyone at Cascadia.

Dental Club

Our purpose is to help students who are thinking about a career in the dental field opportunities to network, learn together, and gain experience through volunteering.

Discovering hobbies club

Come join Discovering Hobbies Club, where students can explore and develop various unique hobbies. We are open to ideas and suggestions for hobbies that you have always wanted to try but never managed to start or invest in.

Japanese Culture Club logoJapanese Culture Club

The purpose of this club is to provide a comfortable place for the students at Cascadia College to learn and experience Japanese culture together. In our club, we will share traditional Japanese culture such as Japanese calligraphy, origami, karate, etc. together.

Kodiak Basketball Club

We want to provide a comfortable and fun environment for people to learn, enjoy and share their common interest in basketball.

Korean Language Club

Korean Language Club is the best Club for those who want to learn about Korean culture or have an interest in meeting various types of people.


Our club is a welcoming and accepting space for everyone who is a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, those who are questioning, and allies.


NGIT (Next Generation IT) welcomes anyone and everyone. We want those who want to understand technology better to come and hang out. Even if you do not have any tech or STEM background and are just curious, we would love to have you come hang out, learn and explore with us.

Smash Bros Club

We aim to create a friendly environment for "Super Smash Brothers Ultimate" players, casual and competitive alike, to have fun, socialize, and improve together.

Soccer Club

If you want to play some soccer or learn to play, come kick it with us.

South Asian Student Association

We want to bring together and promote South Asian culture, create various types of events including the cultural, social and service aspect of our diverse community.

Tennis Club

A group of students who want to play and learn tennis together, as well as stay fit, make friends, and build community through regular practices and games.


Our meeting involves discussing our chosen book, reading sections together as a group, and making predictions for how the rest of the book will play out.

Volleyball Club

Volleyball Club provides students with an opportunity to interact with others through playing volleyball. We are welcoming anyone who is interested in it. It does not matter whether you have played volleyball before or not.

Woke Cascadia

Woke Cascadia provides students interested in social justice a space to discuss issues of diversity, equity and inclusion and offers opportunities to engage in activism against systems of oppression.

Workout Club

Join the Workout Club! We plan to learn how to properly work out and meet like-minded individuals so that we may promote a healthy lifestyle on campus.