Student Life TextsOffice of Student Life

  • Events & Advocacy Board

    Advocating & Planning Events for Students

    EAB members work together to provide social, cultural, educations and advocacy work through campus programming and outreach to Cascadia students.

  • Community Engagement Officers

    Outreach and campus connection

    CEOs strive to build community on campus, foster Kodiak spirit, and enhance student learning through engagement with Student Life programs and activities.  

  • Show Up! Sign Up! Level Up!

    Student Life wants you to get involved

    We can help you find your community, discover opportunities outside the classroom, and equip you to make a difference on campus and beyond! All it takes is three simple steps to get the most out of your experience at Cascadia. Show up! Sign up! Level up! Get Involved!

  • Kodiak Cave

    Cascadia's Food resource center

    The Kodiak Cave is an emergency food resource center located at LB2-006 on the Cascadia College campus. The mission of the Kodiak Cave is to end hunger on our campus through nourishing meals and providing education and resources to our community.

  • Clubs