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Student Resource Guide

Learn about the services and resources available to you on campus for Fall Quarter 2022. Check out the Student Resource Guide for more information.  

Club Forms

Club Application for Recognition 2022-2023

Are you interested in starting a new club? This Club Application for Recognition Form will help you get started!

Quarterly Update Form

In order to keep your club's recognition status, each club must fill out a Quarterly Update Form for every quarter they wish to stay active.

Zoom Pro Account Request Form

Clubs are eligible to receive one Cascadia Zoom Pro Account for their club meetings. With a Zoom Pro Account, there are no time limits on the length of these meetings. Each club must fill out the Quarterly Update Form and this Zoom Pro Account Request Form each quarter.

Planning an event

Student Life offers a variety of services and resources that clubs have access to as a recognized club at Cascadia. Check out the Club Services and Resources list that can be used to help plan and market your upcoming event.  

Club activities/events report form

Clubs are required to submit their activities/events/meetings to Student Life through the Club Activities/Events Report Form. This form must be submitted two weeks in advance for approval and processing. By submitting this form, clubs can request meeting room/tabling locations and advertising assistance. 

Student Life Event supply request form

A variety of meeting and event supplies are available by request for clubs to either use or borrow. These supplies are first come first served, and clubs must fill out the Event Supply Request Form two weeks prior to date needed. We recommend that you check in with the Student Life Advisor or the EAB Clubs Coordinator to see our inventory of supplies that are available. 

Club Council Funding Request form

When requesting funding from the Club Council for an event or program, submit the Club Council Funding Request Form to the Office of Student Life. All funding requests must be consulted with Student Life prior to submission. After approval from Student Life, the form must be submitted via the Funding Request Form above. 

For funding requests under $500, please submit this form by 5:00 pm the Wednesday prior to Friday's Club Council meeting. For larger funding requests, this form is due one week prior to the Club Council meeting and must also be endorsed by the club's Advisor. 

Clubs Post-Event Evaluation Form

Clubs are required to submit this Clubs Post-Event Evaluation Form within one week after the event. After completing this form, clubs are asked to report out on how their activity/event went at the next Club Council meeting.

Graphic Design & Marketing Request Form

The graphic designers on the Community Engagement Officers (CEOs) team are here to design posters, flyers, T-shirts, social media posts or club logos for you! Submit your request using the CEOs Services Request Form.

Club Handbook

  • Cascadia Club Policies and Maintaining Club Status - Coming Soon
  • Anti-Hazing Policy for Groups, Clubs, and Organizations - Coming Soon
  • Club Leadership Roles
  • Food at Meetings & Events Policy
  • Marketing
  • Hosting a Club Activity - Coming Soon 
  • Club Advisors - Coming Soon 
  • How to Request Funding - Coming Soon 
  • Club Travel  *Level 2 clubs only - Club Travel is limited at this time, check with The Office of Student Life for more information
  • Intra-Campus Club Policies - Coming Soon 
  • Club Council - Coming Soon

CEO Services 


The CEOs manage campus-wide communications and marketing for co-curricular events, programs, and activities sponsored by the Office of Student Life, the Events & Advocacy Board, and a variety of student clubs. Please see our list below for the available services. Requests can be submitted through the CEOs Services Request Form.

Copying and Printing Requests - Due 2 business days to date needed 
Copying and printing requests are available for Student Life, clubs, and Services & Activities Fee Funded groups. This form is used for additional copying and printing requests for a CEO completed design or if you have your own original design. Limits may be placed on number of posters depending on size and resource availability.

Graphic Design Request - Due 3 weeks prior to date needed*
The graphic designers on the Community Engagement Officers team are here to design posters, flyers, T-shirts or club logos for you! This form allows you to request additional services such as sandwich boards, screensavers to be displayed on campus' computers, and/or copying and printing requests. Requests for Graphic Design and additional services are open to Student Life, clubs, and Services & Activities Fee Funded groups.

Kody the Kodiak Appearance Request - Due 3 weeks prior to appearance date 
Requests for our lovable college mascot, Kody the Kodiak, is open to Student Life, Services & Activities Fee Funded programs, and the broader campus. Kody is available for on-campus events and Zoom appearances. Completion of this request does not guarantee an appearance. 

Kody's Weekly Submission - Due Wednesday by 5:00 PM
Kody's Weekly is a digital newsletter filled with updates on events and activities happening around campus, club meeting times, and more! This newsletter is published and sent out every Monday to all employees and to students who sign up to be on the mailing list. 

Kody's Weekly priority posting is Student Life first, Services & Activities Fee Funded programs second, and broader campus next. Other posts and events as space allows and at the discretion of Student Life staff. Advertisements about registering for courses/academic programs are not allowed. Repeating events/programs will only be posted twice in two weeks, and at other times if space allows.  

TP Times Submission - Due Wednesday by 5:00 PM 
The TP Times is a biweekly newsletter posted on the back of the bathroom stall doors. The newsletter operates on a biweekly schedule, the earlier you submit your event, the better, submissions need to be received 2 weeks prior to the posting date at a minimum. The published dates are the 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month. 

The TP Times is limited to Student Life and club events/activities first, and Services & Activities Fee Funded programs second. Any other requests for the broader campus will be at the discretion of Student Life as space allows. We will not include advertisements about registering for courses/academic programs as well as outside community events unless directly connected to a college department or student clubs. No images or flyers are included in TP Times, only text descriptions.

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