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Student positions

Were you on Link Crew or ASB in high school, or did you want to be? Student Life has similar positions for you to continue to grow your skills, meet new students and make a difference at Cascadia! 

Events & Advocacy Board   

The Events & Advocacy Board (EAB) works together to provide social, cultural, educational, and advocacy work through campus programming and outreach to Cascadia students. 

  • Advocacy Chair - Position filled
  • Programming Chair
  • Arts & Entertainment Coordinator
  • Clubs Coordinator
  • Special Events & Traditions Coordinator - Position filled
  • Health & Sustainability Coordinator - Position filled
  • Treasurer -
  • Social Issues & Inclusion Coordinator 
  • Advocacy Coordinator - Position Filled
  • EAB Positions and Responsibilities breakdown for more information on what each position does.



Community Engagement Officers

The Community Engagement Officers (CEOs) connect students to Student Life and all the wonderful ways you can be involved on campus. The CEOs promote Kodiak spirit both virtually and in-person through the design of  marketing and promotional materials, tabling events, and much more. We have three distinct roles on our team. You are more than welcome to apply for more than one position. Please read the linked job descriptions below for additional information.  



Kodiak Cave

The Kodiak Cave is a food resource that serves the student body of Cascadia College. The driving force behind the Kodiak Cave is to end hunger on our campus through nourishing meals and providing education and resources to our community.