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We currently offer tutoring in Spanish (S) and Japanese (J). See the tutor schedule below and visit the center for assistance. 


SPRING 2017 Tutoring Schedule

Schedule updated quarterly for Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. 


  10:00a-11:00a Mami/Ms. Tsujihara (J)
  11:00a-1:00p Celia (J)
  12:00p-2:00p Lucas (S)
  3:30p-4:30p Celia (J)
  3:30p-4:30p Ms. Gavrila (S)
  3:30p-5:30p Zach (S)
  10:00a-10:50a Ms. Fruit (S)
  10:00a-1:00p Eliana (S)
  10:00a-11:00p Ms. Tsujihara (J)
  10:00a-1:00p Mami (J)
  12:00p-1:00p Celia (J)
  12:00p-3:00p Lucas (S)
  3:30p-4:30p Celia (J)
  3:30p-4:30p Ms. Gavrila (S)
  3:30p-5:30p Zach (S)
  10:00a-10:50a Ms. Fruit (S)
  10:00a-1:00p Eliana (S)