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GED Prep


GED Prep

Area of Interest:

College and Career Foundations

Program Length:

5-90 CCF-lLevel Credits, depending on placement




Most classes meet in person, but some classes meet online. Specific classes may be offered at certain times of the year. Consult the current Class Schedule. (Select CCF from the Academic Group menu.)


You will demonstrate your reading and writing skills to confirm program eligibility, then work with an advisor to determine the specific classes you need. See the application process on Get Started.


If you have any questions about this pathway, contact:

Planning Your Courses: 

Advisors are here for you: Our College and Career Foundations Advisor will help you develop the skills to make sound academic decisions. Our advisor will support you to make connections between academic interests, short-term goals, long-term goals, and career opportunities.

You will work with program staff to register for each quarter.

Class Sequence:

Required Optional
  • EF 5x English in Context (5 credits; content varies each quarter)
  • EF 57 High-Intermediate Reading (5 credits)
  • EF 58 High-Intermediate Speaking and Listening (5 credits)
  • EF 59 High-Intermediate Writing and Grammar (5 credits
  • MFUND 55 Math Fundamentals
  • MFUND 75 Integrated Math I
  • MFUND 85 Integrated Math II
  • MFUND 95 Algebra for Precalculus


  • EF 65 Advanced Reading and Writing (10 credits)
  • COLL 101 College Strategies (5 credits)


Transfer Opportunities: 

Our College and Career Foundations advisor will work with you to develop a career and education plan.

Career Possibilities

Classes in the GED Prep pathway will teach you the skills that are necessary for a wide variety of jobs, career, and further education. Our College and Career Foundations Advisor will work with you to develop a career and education plan.

You can learn more about career possibilities through O*Net Online.  O*Net Online shares information about careers, salaries, and skills.

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