Governance | Cascadia College


Cascadia College's governance coalesces around our Board of Trustees, a shared governance model, and our Strategic Plan.



Board of Trustees

Cascadia's Board of Trustees, which is appointed by the Governor, governs the college by approving budgets, supporting the development and maintenance of our campus and capital properties, reviewing proposed legislation and offering guidance, hiring the President, and promoting the college in the community.

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Shared Governance Model

The college governance system serves to advise the president and leadership team through a system of employee assemblies and advisory councils. Advisory groups are not responsible for employment or personnel matters such as tenure rules or recommendations, working conditions, employment contract issues, or final decisions on administrative procedures, college policies, and/or operational matters which fall under the purview of other governance groups.

As stipulated by college policy, the President retains the authority for the final decision on any issues related to the management and operation of the college. The Board of Trustees, in collaboration with the College President, retains the authority for the final decision on any policy related issues.

Employee Assemblies

  • Faculty Assembly
  • Classified Assembly
  • Exempt Assembly


  • Budget Council
  • College Advisory Council
  • Equity & Inclusion Council
  • Faculty Council 
  • Information Security and Management Council
  • Institutional Effectiveness Council
  • Student Learning Council

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Cascadia employees are governed by two collective bargaining agreements (CBAs):

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan is the college's guiding star that establishes our vision for the future and outlines the goals and objectives designed to move the college toward that vision.

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Cascadia is fully accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). The college follows a seven-year cycle that requires progress reports and a peer review.

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Policies and Procedures

Cascadia College organizes policies and procedures as follows:

  • State Policies or Revised Codes of WA (RCWs) and WA Administrative Codes (WACs) are defined by the state
  • Board Policies require approval by Cascadia's Board of Trustees
  • Administrative Policies are approved by the President's Executive Leadership Team and Cascadia Advisory Council
  • College Procedures are developed by department or divisions 


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