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Events and Advocacy Board

We create inclusive events and serve as the voice for all Cascadia students



Located in the Activities & Recreation Center (ARC)

Events and Advocacy Board

What EAB Does

The Cascadia Events & Advocacy Board (EAB) is a campus programming board and student government. EAB members provide advocacy through sharing the student voice with campus administration regarding student concerns, support needs and providing feedback on campus projects. In addition to advocacy work, EAB members coordinate a robust programming calendar offering social, cultural and educational activities for students to feel connected to the Cascadia community, where they can make new friends and build connections outside of the classroom.

Meet the Student Leaders

Portrait of Miriam Alhassani

Miriam Alhassani

Hi! My name is Miriam (She/Her) and I am the Programming Chair on EAB. I graduated from Insight School in Tacoma, Washington. I first started attending Cascadia as a running start student and stayed because of how welcoming Cascadia is.

I like exploring different cafes, I am into writing, and I am getting back into working out. I also am a huge book worm at times but most of the time, I am watching something on Netflix. If I could give any advice to a new student, it would be to advocate for your needs on campus. There are always listening ears and to get involved in clubs! Cascadia offers a variety of things to do, so do not be afraid to explore around. After Cascadia, I plan on transferring to UW or UWB to earn my bachelor's degree in business.

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Portrait of Miyuki Sandoval

Miyuki Sandoval

Hello, my name is Miyuki (she/her)! I graduated from Henry M. Jackson High School in Mill Creek, WA. I chose to attend Cascadia because it was close to home, and I had a lot of friends attend in the past. I heard a lot about the Cascadia community and what it could offer,

So I thought it would be the best choice for me! In my free time I love to read (currently Kafka has been my go-to) and watch all types of movies and TV shows. I also like to eat out with my friends and go on boba runs! If I could give any new student some advice, I would say stay in the loop and get involved with the Cascadia community! There are so many opportunities on campus to get connected such as clubs, committees, and Student Life positions. I would also recommend attending any events we host on campus to meet some new people. After Cascadia, I plan to transfer to a four-year university.

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Portrait of Anthony Rodgers

Anthony Rodgers

Hey! My name is Anthony (He/Him)! I graduated from Woodinville High School. I chose to attend Cascadia because it gave me the opportunity to get an associate's degree and transfer to a university. Some of my hobbies include eating sushi, Taekwondo, golf and going to the gym.

If I could give advice to a new student, I would say participating in Student Life is fun and it gives you a chance to meet new people; you never know what you will learn from others. After Cascadia, my plans are to transfer to a university and get a bachelor's degree.

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Portrait of Brandon Lai

Brandon Lai

Hello! My name is Brandon (he/him)! I am currently a senior at Mountlake Terrace High School. I chose to attend Cascadia as I thought it would be a good school to go into running start as I had resources and connections with the UW’s.

I also think the location is peaceful, since this campus is in a cozy, secluded spot away from life's craziness. As far as hobbies go, I enjoy chess, ice-skating, ping-pong, reading, music, and meeting new people. If I could offer a new student some advice, I would say, talk to other students at Cascadia, and you will feel more connected to the community. Join clubs, sport activities, and try to hang around the campus to meet new people instead of going straight home after your classes finish. After Cascadia, my plan is to transfer to a four-year and get a degree in Computer Science.

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Portrait of Veronica Martinez

Veronica Martinez

Hi! My name is Veronica (She/Her)! I am a senior at Redmond High School. I originally wanted to attend Cascadia because my brother did running start here; he told me he enjoyed the professors and the quality of the classes. Once I looked around campus and saw the events they held and

The resources/opportunities they provided for their students, I knew it would be the place for me. Some of my favorite pastimes are reading murder mystery/thriller books, watching Formula 1, spending time with friends and family, and listening to music. A piece of advice I would give to incoming Cascadia students is to step out of their comfort zones and put themselves out there. Students are given numerous ways to meet new people and create a sense of community. All they need to do is go for it! After Cascadia, I am hoping to transfer over to UW Bothell to pursue Computer Science. My goal is to work in cybersecurity!

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Portrait of Zuah Han

Zuah Han

Hi! My name is Zuah (She/Her)! I graduated from high school in Korea. I chose to attend Cascadia because I was looking for a college to transfer to and Cascadia was the best option for me. As an international student, I want to be comfortable speaking English, and I want to experience

American culture. Cascadia has a lot of opportunities for me to enjoy myself! In my spare time, I enjoy horseback riding, swimming, and doing Taekwondo (4th-grade black belt). I would tell new students to participate in Student Life as much as you can, and your Cascadia life will be fun! Last quarter I came to campus for class and just went back home after, it was boring. I decided to attend various events provided by Student Life and I got to enjoy my school life. My academic plan is to study computer science at Cascadia and then transfer to a university, but I haven’t decided which one yet.

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Lead with EAB

Are you ready to learn more about what EAB does? EAB has volunteer roles available for students. Volunteers are needed to assist with event set-up/clean up, event management, marketing, special projects, and more! If you are interested in volunteering with EAB, email
All EAB meetings are open to all Cascadia students. If you would like to attend and listen in on an EAB meeting, you may! If you would like to attend as a special guest to share your voice, please email to be added to the agenda.
EAB serves two roles on campus: planning events and advocating for students. EAB is responsible for collecting feedback and elevating the student voice to campus administration, in addition to planning events and activities. If you are interested in giving back to the Cascadia community in this way, you should apply to join the team! All positions available will be posted on Handshake.

Meetings Minutes & Schedule

All meetings from 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM in ARC 210.

Governing Documents

Part of EAB's responsibilities include serving as your student government. This means they have certain policy documents to keep them accountable to the college and student body at large.