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Student Achievement

Ultimately, everything we do at Cascadia is focused on student achievement. We measure our own success based on our ability to help all of our students achieve -- both inside the classroom and out -- as they pursue their educational journey.


At a Glance

Cascadia collects data from the State of Washington. Our data helps illustrate the diversity of our student body and tells a persuasive story about our strength as the state's specialist in transfer education. We enroll and transfer the highest percentage of students and our graduates earn more than those from the other 33 community colleges.
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Learning Activity

Honors & Leadership Awards

Every year hundreds of Cascadia students achieve academic and leadership excellence. Help us recognize and celebrate their achievements!

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Imagine a college where your success is front and center. Cascadia will help you choose your area of study and guide you through all the milestones to help you reach your educational goals.
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