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Water Resource Management - AAS-T


Associate of Applied Science - Transfer

Area of Interest:

Earth Sciences, Sustainability and Environmental Studies

Program Length:

91 College-level credits


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Coursework may be completed through a combination web enhanced (face-to-face), hybrid, and online modes, though not every course is offered in the same modality each quarter. Specific courses may be offered at certain times of the year. Consult the current Class Schedule.


Many courses at Cascadia College have placement prerequisites for reading, writing, and math ability. Your course placement will determine how you progress through your pathway and how long your degree will take. There are a variety of ways to find your English and Math placement level.

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Math Notes:

This program requires the following math courses:

  • MATH& 141 Precalculus I
  • MATH& 146 Introduction to Statistics 


If you have any questions about this pathway, contact: Stephan Classen at sclassen@cascadia.edu.

Planning Your Courses: 

Students in this program have access to a dedicated academic advisor. Your advisor will help you develop the skills to make academic and career pathway decisions. Through advising, your advisor will support you to make connections between academic interests, long term goals, and career opportunities. The advisor will assist with education planning, internship and career planning, and graduation processes. Contact Stephan Classen sclassen@cascadia.edu for more information.

The Annual Course Planning Guide show Cascadia’s tentative plan for classes and the quarters in which they are offered. It is intended for planning purposes only and should not be considered a guarantee of class offerings. Actual quarterly sections may be changed, added, or removed. Students should use the Searchable Quarterly Class Schedule to see up to date class offerings.


0-30 credits

  • ENGL&101 – English Composition I
  • *MATH&141 – PreCalculus I
  • WATER 110 – Intro to Water Science, Resources, and Issues
  • GEOL&101 – Intro to Physical Geology w/lab
  • POLS&206 – State and Local Government

30-60 credits

  • ENVS&101 – Intro to Environmental Science w/lab
  • ENVS 220 – Wetland Ecology
  • IT 158 – Beginning Databases
  • CHEM&161 – General Chemistry w/lab
  • PHIL&243 – Environmental Ethics and Sustainability
  • GIS 101 – Intro to Geographic Information Systems
  • SUPR 290 – Career Pathways – Sustainable Practices
  • WATER 197/297 - Work-Based Learning I & II

60-90 credits

  • *MATH& 146 Introduction to Statistics
  • CMST 210/220 - Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communication
  • GIS 102 – Geographic Information Systems II
  • WATER 210 – Water Law, Policies and Regulations
  • WATER 220 – Water Qualtiy Analysis w/lab
  • WATER 250 – Soils and Hydrology w/lab
  • WATER 197/297 - Work-Based Learning I & II

*Refer to math notes

Transfer Opportunities: 

Local Transfer Opportunities:

Cascadia College's Bachelor of Applied Science in Sustainable Practices provides a pathway to careers in the green industry. Graduates will learn the skills necessary to plan and implement sustainability approaches to how we live and work by managing complex projects for government agencies, companies and non-profit organizations, environmental water, energy, and agriculture industries, construction management firms, and educational institutions.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Sustainable Practices at Cascadia College.

What is an AAS-T Degree? 

An Associates of Applied Science-Transfer (AAS-T) degree builds on the technical courses required for job preparation by including a college-level general education component.  The AAS-T degree's distinguishing characteristic is at least 20 credits of general education drawn from the same list as those taken by students completing direct transfer associate degrees.

Important Considerations Regarding AAS-T Degrees

  • AAS-T degrees are designed for immediate employment and as preparation for applied Bachelor of Science degrees
  • AAS-T degrees are transferrable only when a receiving college or university has a special agreement in place with the specific college
  • AAS-T degrees are not accepted in transfer in preparation for Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science programs.

View Cascadia’s Transfer Agreements for details of our partnerships with other colleges and universities.

University admissions requirements may vary – consult with the Career and Transfer Center for assistance to plan your career and future educational goals.

Career Possibilities

Career possibilities from the certificate are based off the assumption that students have existing experience or work history related to this field. Certificates may complement or build upon existing work or veteran experience. For those without industry experience, a degree will yield the best job placement outcomes.  The program will prepare students for opportunities with city, county and federal agencies, private sector employers and non-profits in roles such as: Water Resource Specialist, Soil Technician, Environmental Permit Specialist. 

You can learn more about career possibilities related to your interests in this pathway through O*Net Online. O*Net Online shares information about related careers, salary, skills related to the industry and more.

Some job opportunities may also exist in business corporations, non-profits, and Tribal Enterprises.

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