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Fall 2018 

Fall 2018 Quarterly Registration & General Information

Fall 2018 Learning Communities



May 9

Continuing Student Registration Begins

May 14

All New Student Registration Begins

Aug. 29

Tuition Due for Fall Quarter 

Sept. 3

Labor Day/College Closed

Sept. 4

First Day of Pre-Fall Session


Last Day of Pre-Fall Session

Sept. 26

First Day of Fall Quarter

Oct. 2

100% Refund Deadline

Oct. 9

Last Day to ADD/DROP Classes

Oct. 15

50% Refund Deadline

Oct. 23

Non-instructional day / No Classes / Offices Closed

Nov. 7

Last Day to WITHDRAW

Nov. 12

Veteran's Day / College Closed

Nov. 22

Thanksgiving Day / College Closed

Nov. 23

Native American Heritage Day / College Closed

Dec. 12

Last Day of Fall Quarter

Dec. 20

Grades Available Online


For more dates, see Fall Quarter Important Dates

For annual calendar, please go to Key Dates.



Winter 2019 

Winter 2019 Quarterly Registration & General Information

Winter 2019 Learning Communities



Oct. 26

Class schedule available online

Nov. 7

Continuing Student Registration Begins

Nov. 13

All New Student Registration Begins

Dec. 5

Tuition Due for Winter Quarter 

Jan. 7

First Day of Winter Quarter

Jan. 11

100% Refund Deadline

Jan. 18

Last Day to ADD/DROP Classes

Jan. 21

Martin Luther King Jr. Day / College Closed

Jan. 28

50% Refund Deadline

Jan. 31

Non-Instructional Day

Feb. 18

President's Day / College Closed

Feb. 20

Last Day to WITHDRAW

Mar. 22

Last Day of Winter Quarter

Mar. 28

Grades Available Online


For more dates, see Winter Quarter Important Dates

For annual calendar, please go to  Key Dates.


Annual Planning and Dates 

Annual Student Calendar 

For important dates during the academic year, please visit the Academic Calendar.

Annual Planning Guides
The Annual Planning Guides show Cascadia’s tentative plan for classes and the quarters in which they are offered. It is intended for planning purposes only, and should not be considered a guarantee of class offerings. Actual quarterly sections may be changed, added, or removed. Students should use the Searchable Quarterly Class Schedule to see up to date offerings.

2018-2019 Annual Planning Guide



Cascadia College Catalog 2018-19

Archived Schedules and Catalogs 

Archived College Catalogs 2000-01 to last year

Archived Quarterly Registration & General Information


Continuing Education

For information about our non-credit classes, please see Continuing Education