Academic Advising 

Academic Advising

Academic Advisors help you develop the skills you need to make sound academic decisions. Through advising, you make connections among your academic interests, your long-term goals, and career opportunities. Advisors are here to help you quarter by quarter with educational planning, university transfer options, college application processes, and graduation requirements. We offer support while encouraging you to take responsibility for your success.

Advising is available on campus (appointments and drop-ins), by phone, and by email.


Meet with an Advisor

Check in for your scheduled appointment or drop in at the kiosk in the Kodiak Corner.


Two Ways to Meet with an Academic Advisor 

1. By Appointment for the following types of academic advising

  • COLL 101 assignment
  • Education Plans or checking in on progress toward degree completion
  • Financial Aid Time Limit Appeal
  • Career Advising
  • Academic Probation
  • Transfer Student Advising (from another college to Cascadia)
  • Transfer Exploration
  • Submitting a Petition for Readmission – (ask for Gordon Dutrisac)
  • Veteran Orientation – (ask for Duane Sharpe)
  • Adult High School Completion – (ask for Kris Panton)
  • For all other reasons, see number 2 below for drop-in academic advising

To make an appointment:
Call the Kodiak Corner at 425-352-8860 or see the Kodiak Corner Front Counter in person.

2. Drop-in Academic Advising


First Week of the Spring Quarter Drop-in Advising
(April 1 - April 7):

  • Monday and Tuesday:  8am - 5:45pm
  • Wednesday and Thursday:  8am - 4:00pm
  • Friday:  10am - 2pm
  • Saturday & Sunday:  Closed


Spring Quarter Drop-in Advising
(April 8 - June 15):

  • Monday - Thursday:  10am - 4pm
  • Friday:  10am - 2pm
  • Saturday & Sunday:  Closed


 Academic Advising Student and Advisors Rights and Responsibilities


Upcoming Workshops

Transfer Fair

Learn about transfer colleges and universities, while getting the opportunity to meet admissions staff and getting questions answered. No sign-up required.

  • NW Step: Largely WA state schools and some Oregon schools will be in attendance.

Thursday, May 2nd
10am - 1pm
CC2 Vistas: 1st , 2nd and 3rd floors

  • GSITF Fair: Close to 45 visiting universities from across the nation.

Transfer 101 Workshop

Learn the basics for transferring to a 4-year school including: transfer school selection, admissions requirements and prerequisites, application deadlines and transfer resources.


Transfer 101 - Workshop #1
Thursday, April 25th
9:30am - 10:30am
Sign-up required


Transfer 101 - Workshop #2
Wednesday, May 29th
3:30pm - 4:30pm
Sign-up required



Pre-Med Information Session

Are you exploring a career as a medical doctor? Do you have questions about what you can be doing now to prepare for medical school applications? In our Pre-Med Information Session we will discuss valuable resources for academic planning, shaping healthcare experiences, MCAT prep, developing timelines for medical school admission requirements and more. Light refreshments will be served.

Wednesday, April 24th
3:30pm - 4:30pm
Sign-up required - limited to 40 participants



WSU Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine Information Session

Lynn Howard, Director of Medical Student Recruitment at WSU College of Medicine will be at Cascadia College to speak with students about their medical school and its admission requirements.


Wednesday, May 1st
10am - 11am
Sign-up required - limited to 30 participants


Social Sciences Workshop

 Anthropology, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology

Are you interested in learning the difference between the social science disciplines? Are you interested in learning what skills you would learn from each discipline and what career pathway each would set you on?

This workshop will provide information about the different disciplines and possible career pathways for each discipline.


Monday, May 20th
3:30pm - 4:30pm
Sign-up is required - limited to 25 students

University Application Personal Statement Workshop

This workshop will highlight strategies for developing critical elements of quality personal statements as well as common pitfalls to avoid. All are welcome - second year students nearing transfer readiness to submit transfer applications are especially encouraged to attend.


Tuesday, April 16th
1:30pm - 2:30pm
Sign-up required




Log-in to Degree Audit:

Three features of degree audit are:

Degree Audit: View your progress towards degree completion and graduation. 

Academic Planner: Meet with an Academic Advisor to list tentative future coursework by quarters. 

Advising Notes: Advisors may summarize decisions or recommendations made during your meetings so that you can view these notes at a later time.

If you are a STUDENT, click here

If you are an ADVISOR, click here