Counseling Services


Counseling services are available to any student who is struggling with issues including family conflict, divorce, substance abuse, depression, grief and loss, and anxiety about academic achievement. Counseling is confidential, professional, and free.


Summer Counseling Services

During the summer quarter, Cascadia students may access six free mental health sessions at the Northshore Youth and Family Services (NYFS) located in Bothell. Cascadia students will need to contact NYFS to schedule an appointment and inform the NYFS staff that they are a Cascadia student seeking to access the six counseling sessions.

Northshore Youth and Family Services
(425) 485-6541
10309 NE 185th
Bothell, WA 98011


In case of an emergency or imminent threat, call 911 and Campus Safety at 425.352.5222.



On Campus Counselor

Cascadia offers counseling services to students through a partnership with Northshore Youth and Family Services. A Northshore counselor is available on campus 12 hours a week when classes are in session. Appointments are made by calling Kodiak Corner or contacting the counselor directly. The on campus counselor is not available during the summer quarter. Cascadia students may access their six sessions over the summer at the Northshore Youth & Family Services.

Kodiak Corner 425.352.8860
Counselor's Direct Line       425.352.8301
On Campus CARE Team

CARE stands for Consultation, Assessment, Response, Education

The Cascadia CARE Team is here to assist with:

  • Consultation and support to faculty, staff and administrators in assisting students who display concerning or disruptive behavior
  • Connecting students with college and community resources
  • Monitoring ongoing behavior of students who have displayed concerning or disruptive behavior

When you contact the CARE Team for assistance, a team member will respond within one business day. You may also stop by the office of or phone a CARE Team member to initiate support. Once the CARE Team has been alerted to a situation, members will meet to implement the assessment process.


The members are:


Gordon Dutrisac – Chair
Director of Student Advising & Support Services / Student Conduct Officer
Office: CC1-130B / 425.352.8828


Erin Blakeney
Dean for Student Success Services
Office: CC1-152 / 425.352.8534


Becky Riopel
Director of Student Life
Office: LBA-105A / 425.352.8545


Erik Tingelstad
Dean for Student Learning
Office: CC1-144 / 425.352.8277


Cham Kao
Acting Director for Campus Safety
Office: LB2-003 / Dispatch: 425.352.5359


Catherine Crain
Founding Faculty
Office: CC1-251 / 425.352.8241

Off Campus Counseling

To see a counselor off campus, present your current Cascadia student ID at:

Northshore Youth and Family Services
10309 NE 185th Street
Bothell, WA 98011
For current hours, call (425) 485-6541


Additional Resources

These services are not provided by Cascadia but are available to you:

King County 24-hour Crisis Clinic 206.461.3222
King County Sexual Assault Resource Line   888.99.VOICE
24-Hour Alcohol/Drug Helpline 206.722.3700