Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services

Cascadia College maintains the Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) to help assure compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by various congressional acts, i.e., the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 1990. This office has created an atmosphere of opportunity by providing services and mediating considerations for students.

The primary goal of the Office of Disability Support Services is to ensure access for students with documented disabilities and to contribute to the development of self-advocacy and confidence of students with disabilities.

Disability Support Services Student Handbook

The handbook is designed to help students and faculty better understand disability accommodations and processes for receiving accommodations. The complete Disability Support Handbook is a searchable PDF document.

For Disability Support Services Forms, click here and select Advising and Counseling.


Eligibility for Disability Services

Cascadia provides reasonable and appropriate academic accommodations to enrolled students who have a documented permanent or temporary physical, emotional, or sensory disability. If you have a disability that affects you academically, you may be eligible for services. There is no minimal or baseline disability that you must have to receive services.

To receive disability services, you must provide professional documentation of your disability. Depending on your disability, the documentation must be from a medical doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, neuropsychologist, school psychologist, or other professional diagnostician.

To find out specific requirements for documentation of your disability, please see our Disability Support Services Student Handbook


Services That May Be Provided

Disability services and accommodations are provided on an individual basis. They may include:

  • Accessible Facilities
  • Alternate Testing (private room, extended time, or reader)
  • Interpreters
  • Note Taking
  • Scribes
  • Reading Services
  • Digital voice recorders (to record lectures)
  • Adaptive Technology
  • Ergonomic Equipment
  • Alternate Format Texts and Audio Books

Services Not Provided

Cascadia does not provide services or accommodations of a personal nature, such as personal attendants or prescriptive aids (for example, eyeglasses or hearing aids). Nor does Cascadia provide diagnostic evaluations of disabilities. You are responsible for providing diagnostic evaluations in accordance with the college's policies and stated needs at your own expense. Writing and math tutoring are available to all students on campus; individual personal tutoring is therefore not available as an accommodation.

How to Receive Disability Services

To receive disability services:

  1. In order to receive accommodations, you must fill out the DSS Accommodations Application (select Advising & Counseling Forms) and contact DSS to schedule an appointment to meet with the Disability Support Services Assistant Director.
  2. Professional documentation must be submitted to DSS in order to receive the accommodations, so please either bring documentation to your appointment or have a plan to submit documentation after the appointment. 
  3. Information submitted to DSS may take up some time to process. If your accommodations are time sensitive, please schedule your appointment accordingly. For example, those wishing to begin receiving accommodations for the next quarter you are enrolled should make sure to schedule your appointment at least 2 weeks before the quarter begins.
  4. You must meet and maintain academic and conduct standards to continue receiving accommodations.
  5. If you have any questions about accommodations or disability services, contact Disability Support Services. 

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