Running Start Get a jump-start on your future at Cascadia

Running Start

The Running Start application deadline for spring quarter is Friday, February 26, 2016.


To apply for Running Start please follow the steps below:

What to Do

 How to Do It



Attend a Running Start Information Session


Information sessions are held from 4:00-5:00 pm at Cascadia in CC1-240 and are scheduled for the following dates:

October 14, November 13 (SPECIAL FRIDAY SESSION @ 3pm, RM CC1-110), December 9, January 13, February 10 - FULL, March 9-FULL, April 13-FULL, May 11

Please sign up to attend as space is limited.


 Take the COMPASS Placement.

You must place into college level English 101 (score above 80) in both reading and writing.


 Take the Smarter Balanced Assessment

  • You must place in either Level 3 or Level 4 for ENGL 101 placement

COMPASS Placement is held on campus in Kodiak Corner. No appointment is necessary, but allow 2 hours for testing.

You must pay a non-refundable $17 fee and bring photo identification (such as a driver’s license or a passport).

Attach your scores to your Running Start Application and Contract.



 Apply for admission to Cascadia.

There is a $30 application fee.



Two ways to apply:


Submit your Running Start admissions packet. 

The packet must be received by the quarterly deadline to the Running Start Office.

  • Quarterly Running Start Application Deadlines:
    • Winter Quarter 2016: December 11, 2015 by 1:30pm
    • Spring Quarter 2016: February 26, 2016 by 1:30pm
    • Fall Quarter 2016: May 27, 2016 by 1:30pm

Turn in your Running Start Admissions Packet to the Running Start Office.

  • The Running Start Admissions Packet includes:
    • Running Start Application
    • Running Start Contract
      • The contract must be signed by you and your parent/guardian.


Wait and check your email. 


You will receive three emails. 

  • The first email is automatically generated as soon as your general admissions application is processed.
  • The second email is sent to all student who are under the age of 18 as required by policy. These emails do not require any action.
  • The Running Start Office will send the third email explaining the next steps including turning in the Enrollment Verification Form, signing up for CORE, and registering for classes. 



  • Running Start Enrollment Verification Form
    • The Enrollment Verification Form must be signed by you, your parent/guardian, and your HS Counselor.
    • The Enrollment Verification Form must be returned into the Running Start Office before you register for classes every quarter.
  • The Release of Information Form is an optional form and available online. (Note: This form must be submitted in person with photo ID at Kodiak Corner Front Counter.)
  • Students who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch at their sponsoring high school and/or students who have been in Foster Care, qualify for a Running Start Fee Waiver.



About Running Start


Earn college credit from your high school classes

If you're an eligible high school junior or senior, apply for Cascadia's Running Start Program to earn college credit tuition free while you fulfill Washington State high school graduation requirements. Running Start lets you complete up to 2 years of college while you're still in high school.

Save time and money

You can take up to 15 credits per quarter tuition free depending on your enrollment level at high school. (You pay for books, supplies, transportation, mandatory college fees and tuition for non-college-level courses [courses numbered below 100 and Pre-Fall classes].)

Prepare for the future

As a student at Cascadia, you'll experience college life firsthand and become better prepared for the transition to a university.

Gain marketable skills

Through the Running Start Program at Cascadia, you can earn credits toward a wide range of technical and associate degree programs that prepare you for the career of your choice.


Is Running Start Right For Me?


  • You must be a high school junior or senior.

  • You must be enrolled in a public high school or with a public school district.

  • You can participate in Running Start for up to 6 quarters from the fall of your junior year to the spring of your senior year.

  • If you do not participate in Running Start, you cannot "save up" quarters to use later; after your senior year, you are no longer eligible.



Academic Expectations


As a college student, you are fully responsible for your education and academic success.

  • You must take the COMPASS Placement and place into college level English 101 (score above 80) in both reading and writing. You may retake the test only once every 30 days by paying the COMPASS Placement fee.

  • You must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or above. Running Start students are held accountable to the same academic standards as other college students.

  • Do your best: The grades you earn at Cascadia will go on both your high school and college transcripts.

  • How is High School different from college? Prepare yourself by understanding the differences. Check out the following resource from Auburn University, High School to College Comparison.




Running Start will pay for some or all of the tuition while attending Cascadia College. The amount of tuition covered by Running Start is directly relative to how many classes the student is enrolled in at high school or school district.


Current Running Start Students

Follow These Steps on Week 6 of the Current Quarter to Prepare for Registration:



See your High School Counselor for the Running Start Enrollment Verification Form



Bring the Completed Running Start Enrollment Verification Form to the Running Start Office


Register for Classes


Contact Us

The Running Start Office is located in Kodiak Corner, CC1 First Floor


Email us:


Call us: 425.352.8146