Now accepting 2020 Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Service Award (ETLS) Nominations.

Complete the on-line nomination form by Friday -- May 8, 2020.

A selection committee comprised of Cascadia faculty and one member of the Foundation Board of Directors is responsible for making a recommendation for one or more faculty to receive the ETLS Award. The number of awards available will be dependent upon the proceeds available from interest earned or increases in investment values for the Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Service Award Endowment Fund established and managed by the Cascadia College Foundation.

Any member of the Cascadia community, including students, faculty, administrators, staff, and trustees, may nominate faculty for this award.  Faculty previously nominated who have not been selected as recipients (in the past five years) may be re-nominated.  Faculty members may self-nominate, as well.  To be eligible for the award, the individual or individuals must have taught at least 15 credits at Cascadia College.




Mei'lani Eyre


Foundation Scholarship Recipient

Mei'lani Eyre

Mei’lani Eyre may be one of the more focused and determined students Cascadia has seen in a long time. She is, and has been, eminently active in her community, has maintained a 3.8 GPA in Cascadia’s new Applied Bachelors in Mobile Applications (MOBAS) degree program, and has dedicated herself to tackling social inequities through technology.

Even from an early age, Mei’lani knew the trajectory of her path. As a high school student in Kirkland, technology captured her imagination – software development in particular. It inspired her to find ways to bring tech-centered skills and careers to underserved communities. She is a founding member of IdeaX Teen Council, a King County Library System volunteer group that writes computer software curriculum for children. She speaks regularly at conferences, in classrooms, and at events. She has worked at and Black Girls Who Code. More recently, Mei’lani began working with Bothell Library’s Girls Who Code Club where she plans to expand these services to underserved areas in the community. In early 2018, she volunteered with iUrbanTeen, where she expanded access to Seattle’s technology industry for underserved youth.

“I want my future career to be centered around software development, education, and an approach I learned about called inclusive design…. Smartphones are cheaper and more accessible than a computer. This makes them the perfect platform for an inclusive and accessible education product. I hope to develop products that utilize this combination of technology and ideas.”

Mei’lani has experienced her share of challenges. She has lost close friends through tragedy and suffered abuse by people she trusted. Though her professional accomplishments grew each year, her well-being suffered. Over commitment led to exhaustion – and exhaustion to illness. "Keeping busy," she commented, "may be an effective way to avoid your problems, it’s not a healthy approach to resolving them."

“Within two years I felt like a soulless husk… I became isolated and detached from myself and my needs. Connecting with others became a serious challenge. At this point, I had lost most of my support system.”

Mei’Lani reached a point where she could no longer ignore her declining health. She began to see how she had put everything she’d accomplished at risk. She finally began to heed the advice of her doctors. She simplified her life, stopped saying yes to every project, and began learning the art of self-care.

As a recipient of several Foundation scholarships, including the Richard Dakin Award for Cybersecurity Scholars, Mei’lani is deeply thankful for the support and assistance she has received along the way. Teachers, mentors, library staff – just to name a few – formed a network that supported and guided her boundless energy. The financial support she received through the Foundation made it possible for her to continue her studies while getting the help she needed.

As the recipient of the 2019-20 American Association of University Women Scholarship, Mei’lani is back on track – and will graduate with one of Cascadia’s first MOBAS bachelors degrees next year.



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American Association of University Women Scholarship

Renee Witherspoon

Nathaniel Jacob Allen Memorial Scholarship

Mei'Lani Eyre

John and Margaret Bock Scholarship

Cynthia Anchondo

Alexandra Beegle

David Bikoev

Madeline Evarts

Ashley Geddes

Mehnaz Halima

Damielle Hieber

Hannah Jackson

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Joao Vilca Soto  

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Kendall McKnight

William Christopher / Gateway Scholarship

Oluwa Jackson

Julie and Grant Davidson Memorial Scholarship

Braia Benjamin  

Eastside Community Aid - Human Services Scholarship

Olivia Baillargeon

Alexis Hernandez

Jazmin Peerson

Cascadia College Founders and Trustees Scholarship

Brendan McNeil

Fred Jackson Faculty Scholarship

Jazmin Peerson             

Murray - Sandford Scholarship

Taya Hedger

Allister O'Brien Scholarship

Hannah Sanchez 

Tjossem Family Scholarship

Rio Alcorta

Jordan Barde

Oraznabat Kadyrova

Ruth Susanto

Teresa Trefault


Ashler Lodge #121 Scholarship

Sam Kim      

Northshore Rotary Club Scholarship

Scott Brody       


Northshore Foundation Scholarship

Victoria Ochido     


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Victoria Ochido

Biella Foundation Community and Technical College Scholarship

Ayler Atadurdyyeva

Emiljana Diko

David Mehedinti

Sarah Kaitlyn Miller

Joushua Plescia

Guadalupe Torres

Guanjie Wang


College Goal Cascadia Scholarship

Kaitlyn Brittingham

Teresa Trefault

Renee Witherspoon     


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Christopher Catiis

Mei'lani Eyre

Susan Gohndrone

Chjris Megrey

AmberLee Min

Anthony Mix

Emelie Nangle

Angie Nguyen


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Award for Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Service (ETLS)

Recognizing Faculty Contributions

The Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Service Award was created to recognize the contributions of individuals or groups of faculty who have made exceptional contributions to the college's mission and vision in one or more categories:

  1. Excellence in primary assignment
  2. Service to students
  3. Service to profession
  4. Professional contributions to college and community

History of the Award

In 2005, Cascadia College, the Cascadia College Federation of Teachers, and the Cascadia College Foundation worked together to create this award and establish an endowed fund to support it.  In addition to a plaque, recipients are awarded $1,000 to defray additional costs associated with their work at Cascadia.

Awards are presented during Year End Celebration activities.

How to Nominate

Any member of the Cascadia community — students, faculty, administrators, staff, or trustees — may nominate faculty for the award. To be eligible, nominated faculty must have completed the equivalent of 15 credits of teaching at Cascadia College.

  1. Complete the on-line nomination form by Friday, May 8, 2020