discover banner image 10 Fun Facts About Cascadia

  • FACT #1

    1 in 3 PhD


    30% of Cascadia's full-time faculty members have PhDs. That's the highest percentage of any community college in the state.

  • FACT #2

    Read all about it


    Cascadia students have access to more than 7 million volumes through the library that we share with our campus colleagues at the University of Washington Bothell.

  • FACT #3

    We're bike fanatics!


    Cascadia's campus is connected to the Burke-Gilman Trail and the Sammamish Trail. Students can ride, roll, run or walk the trails all the way to Redmond in one direction and to the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle in the other direction.

  • FACT #4

    Top Transfer


    Cascadia transfers the highest percentage of students to the University of Washington system of any community or technical college in the state.

  • FACT #5

    We got muck!


    Our 58-acre campus wetland is home to a coyote family, beavers, salmon, and more than 100 species of birds. It also serves as an outdoor classroom for students enrolled in science classes.

  • FACT #6

    Our mascot is very scary.


    Need we say more?

  • FACT #7 



    Tuition and fees at Cascadia are one third of the cost charged by Washington's two largest state universities. Plus, we offer financial aid and scholarships! 

  • FACT #8 

    Ahoy, matey! 


    Want to study in Australia and New Zealand? How about Costa Rica, Japan, England, Italy, or Ethiopia? There are lots of study abroad opportunities for Cascadia students.

  • FACT #9 

    We've got youth on our side 


    The average age of a Cascadia student is 21.8 years, the youngest average age in the state system. 

  • FACT #10 

    Our president has all the moves!


    Check out his singing and dancing. There is no shortage of fun and laughter on the Cascadia campus.