Press Release: Cascadia College establishes Bock Center


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Cascadia College establishes Bock Center
Honoring benefactors John & Margaret Bock


 BOTHELL, Wash - The Cascadia College Board of Trustees accepted a bequest of $570,000 from John and Margaret Bock on October 18, 2017. The board voted to name the college’s learning center the John and Margaret Bock Learning Center, in honor of their generosity on November 15, 2017.

“This is the largest gift ever received by Cascadia College, and it presents a wonderful opportunity for students in our community,” said Mark Collins, Assistant Director of Development at the Cascadia College Foundation. “Since establishing the John and Margaret Bock Endowed Scholarship ten years ago we’ve awarded fifteen Bock scholarships. With Margaret’s final gift, the Bock’s endowment now exceeds $800,000, and we’ll be able to award fifteen Bock scholarships each year – and for generations to come.”


John and Margaret Bock were Kirkland area residents since 1949. John, a salesman and Margaret, a homemaker, talked frequently of sharing their good fortune with students seeking a college education. Upon John’s death in the 1990s, Margaret Bock made a commitment to honor that vision.

In 2007, Margaret established an endowment with the Foundation. Her original gift of $107,000 has grown, and in combination with this bequest, will offer financial assistance to students seeking careers in math, the sciences, and economics.


"We're honored to accept this gift from Margaret Bock," said Dr. Eric Murray, Cascadia College President. "The Bocks' desire to help students learn and achieve their dreams is best acknowledged by the naming the college’s learning center in special recognition of these contributions."


The learning center, regionally recognized for excellence, serves a central role in supporting student success at Cascadia, ensuring students succeed in the classroom and are academically prepared to continue with their college pathways. The center offers one on one, in-class, and online tutoring services in math, the sciences, English and foreign languages. The center has served over 1,300 unique student visitors who returned multiple times, resulting in over 10,000 student contacts.




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