Full-time Faculty

Cascadia’s faculty come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have diverse educational experiences and professional connections. They share Cascadia’s dedication to a student-centered active learning environment. To learn more, click on the faculty name.

Full Time Tenured Faculty Discipline
Gail Alexander Environmental Technologies and
Sustainable Practices

Brian Bansenauer, PhD Business and Information Technology

Cynthia Bea Mathematics 

David Bucci English

Chris Byrne, PhD Physics

Soraya Cardenas, PhD Sociology

Lisa Citron, PhD Economics

Catherine Crain, PhD Psychology

Chris Cuneo Infrastructure Technology


Basic Skills

English Language Program

Robyn Ferret English

Dianne Fruit Spanish

Christopher Gildow Art

Mary Halecki  Basic Skills 

Margaret Harbol PhD Chemistry

Walter Hudsick English

Marc Hyman Accounting/Business

Natasa Kesler Biology

Jessica Ketcham, PhD English

Jared Leising English

Megan Luce Developmental Math

Abigail Lynam, PhD Sustainable Practices Bachelors Program

Nader Nazemi, PhD Political Science

David Ortiz Communication

Michael Panitz Business and Information Technology

Jesús Pérez, PhD History

Debora Pontillo Art/Drama

Mohandas Raj Engineering

Erin Richards Political Science

Sadie Rosenthal Biology

Midori Sakura Earth and Environmental Science

Tori Saneda Anthropology

Sharon Saxton Mathematics

Natalie Serianni Developmental English

David Shapiro Philosophy

Jeffery Stephens Chemistry

Gene Taylor History

Hernando Tellez, PhD Mathematics

John VanLeer Earth Science

 Debra Waddell Communications

Steve Yramategui Mathematics
Faculty Emeritus
David Buchthal, PhD  Mathematics

David Reichgott, PhD

One Year Full Time Faculty 2015-2016


Craig Duckett Business Information Technology

Anne Tuominen E-Learning Designer