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 Enrollment Services

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Apply for Admissions


Accuplacer Placement

General Inquiries

Parking Passes for Carpool and Motorcycle

Student Records

Student ID Cards (also available at the OLC - Open Learning Center located at CC1-060)

Student Software



General Financial Aid Inquiries

Demonstrate how to check your own financial aid status

Check in for the On Duty Financial Aid to discuss or inquire about in depth questions about your specific Financial Aid record

Collect general paperwork for VA Certifying Official. To find out how to get VA benefits started, email veterans@cascadia.edu to schedule for a VA Orientation & Info Session

Collect General Financial Aid Paperwork

Note: Permits to use the Sports and Recreation Complex operated by the University of Washington Bothell are now for sale at UWB Cashier's Office at the UWB Husky Hall.

Office Information


Kodiak Corner

Email enrollment@cascadia.edu

First floor level of CC1

Phone 425.352.8860
 Office Hours Fax 425.352.8137


Meet the Staff



Shawn Miller

Director of Enrollment Services




Tracy Phutikanit

Assistant Director of Enrollment Services





ctcLink Project Lead - Enrollment Services




Tati Starets

Admissions Specialist





Kathy Armstrong

Office Assistant 2




Darla Hart

Customer Service Specialist 3




Fidely Navarro-Lopez

Customer Service Specialist 3




Huda Sarhan

Credentials Evaluator 3





Lois Winters

Customer Service Specialist 3