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Web Application Programming

With a degree in Web Application Programming Technology, you’ll be prepared to work as a web developer, designing, creating, and testing new web applications. Whether you’re launching your career or rebooting it, this degree will give you the experience and the tools you need to be successful in today’s and tomorrow’s workplace. Learn to design and create user interfaces, write code, and utilize development frameworks, web services and databases.


Prepare Yourself for Industry Jobs:

  • Web Developer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Front End Programmer
  • Software Test Engineer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Technical Project Manager
  • Technical writer






AAS-T Degree in Web Application Programming Technology (Web Emphasis)

The Associate in Applied Science Degree is a technical transfer degree in Web Application Programming Technology. It prepares students for a career as a web developer. The degree provides an emphasis on either programming or web technologies. Web application developers design, create, and test new applications, beginning by analyzing client or project requirements. During development they act as skilled problem solvers and clear communicators.

Web application programmers work in cross-functional teams; design and create user interfaces; write client and server code conforming to industry standards; utilize development frameworks, web services, and databases; accurately estimate their time-on-task; manage their portion of a project; and clearly document their work.

Upon successful completion of this degree a student will be able to:

  • Apply critical thinking and logical reasoning to design and technical problems in web development generally, with a focus on their area of emphasis
  • Communicate effectively as web development professionals, interacting with clients and collaborating within development teams.
  • Develop solid visual and logical design skills, paying close attention to detail, current standards, application usability, and security
  • Design, produce, and test new web applications to be visually appealing and function effectively to meet users’ needs
  • Assess and select application frameworks and development methodologies appropriate to the particular project scope


Degree Requirements: Total minimum credits required: 90

As with all of our professional and technical transfer degrees, this degree can be earned as a traditional two-year degree or by "stacking" certificates toward the degree. Cascadia's AAS-T degrees include the same collegiate math, English, and human relations courses as the associate degrees that prepare you for transfer to a four-year college.

Printable version of degree requirements: Web Application Programming Technology - Web Emphasis Degree sheet





Computer Programming Foundations Certificate

Gain an understanding of fundamental programming topics including control structures, object-oriented programming, sorting and searching algorithms, abstract data types, and more. We’ve designed this program to help you learn the basics in computer programming including: procedural programming, recursion, linked lists, and binary trees.

Certificates Requirements: Total minimum credits required: 20

Printable version of certificate requirements: Computer Programming Foundations certificate sheet



JavaScript Programming Foundations Certificate

Create and maintain web tools that use JavaScript to provide quality web experiences for end-users. Learn to be a pro in JavaScript standards and technologies to enhance the experience of your organization’s web users.

Certificates Requirements: Total minimum credits required: 20

Printable version of certificate requirements: JavaScript Programming Certificate sheet



User Interface Developer Certificate

Become an expert in the rapidly growing arena of cloud-based web services. This program will provide you with the skills in basic web standards and technologies including: HTML/CSS, Flash/Actionscript, JQuery/JavaScript, and XML/JSON/AJAX.

Certificates Requirements: Total minimum credits required: 23

Printable version of certificate requirements: User Interface Developer Certificate sheet



Web Application Certificate

With a Certificate in Web Applications from Cascadia College, you can add some needed depth to your fundamental web skills. Gain skills in technologies, such as ASP.NET/SQL Server, and three-tier application technology while using an agile application development process.

Certificates Requirements: Total minimum credits required: 22

Printable version of certificate requirements: Web Applications Certificate sheet



Web Foundation Foundations Certificate

Create and maintain professional web content and even entire websites. We’ve designed this program to help you master current web standards and technologies including: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Certificates Requirements: Total minimum credits required: 22

Printable version of certificate requirements: Web Foundations Certificate sheet



From Our Web Apps Students

"I was hired as a web designer within months of graduation with a degree in Web Technology from Cascadia College. Cascadia's outstanding instructors prepared me well for the evolving world of technology in my workplace. At Cascadia I learned many of the most important skills I use in my current position,including the most important one: the ability to teach myself new skills and adapt as technology changes. The focus on group projects and communications prepared me well for the team environment I work in today." - Ginny Taylor, Cascadia graduate, Senior Web Designer

"The skills you learn at Cascadia go beyond just knowing how to code a web application. After you have your degree you'll be able to teach yourself anything you need to know in order to keep up with the industry." - Dwayne Willits, Cascadia Graduate, IT Specialist

"The graphic design industry was changing fast and companies started demanding that graphic designers needed to have firsthand knowledge of web design. Once I got over the initial shock of html and css, I really enjoyed learning web design. The instructors were amazingly helpful in teaching me how code can shape a website into a dynamic and engaging place for a person to visit."   - Steven Ericksen, Cascadia Graduate, Freelance Graphic and Web Designer