About Workforce Education

Get trained to go to work! Find a new career or advance your skills.

Cascadia College’s Workforce Education Department supports students in pursuing their employment goals, providing support to those in Basic Education for Adults, Professional Technical Programs, and Bachelors of Applied Science Degrees. Our goal is to use available resources to help you get the training you need to find family-wage employment in the region.

The Workforce Education Program works closely with faculty, industry professionals, local Workforce Training agencies, colleges, and councils to provide the most current training opportunities. We prepare students to be competitive in the local job market.

Visit the Workforce Education Office

Location:  Library Annex (located across from the library): LBA-102
Phone: 425.352.8256

See if you may qualify! Visit START NEXT QUARTER to see if you pre-qualify for any Workforce Education funding options. 


Worker Retraining

The Worker Retraining program can provide tuition assistance, books, and transportation for students who meet eligibility criteria.  Students must be enrolled in a Professional Technical program or Bachelor of Applied Science degree. Worker Retraining students receive additional support services with career advising, academic advising, priority registration, and assistance with Employment Security Training Benefits and Commissioner Approved Training applications.

Eligibility (any of the following):

  • Be receiving Unemployment Insurance
  • Have exhausted your Unemployment Insurance within the past 48 months
  • Have received a layoff notice and will be eligible to receive Unemployment Insurance
  • Be a Displaced Homemaker – anyone who was formerly dependent upon the income of another family member, but is no longer supported by that income
  • Formerly Self-Employed
  • If you are employed in an occupation that is “not in demand”, need additional training in order to remain employed, and/or have not reached the tipping point (1 year of college credits)
  • Disaster Impacted Worker
  • Veteran (regardless of discharge status)
  • Active Duty Military

How to Enroll:

Call the Workforce Education office (425-352-8256) to make an appointment with the Program Specialist to apply and enroll

Opportunity Grant

The Opportunity Grant program provides 45 credits of tuition and fee assistance, books, and transportation assistance to low-income students


Eligibility for Opportunity Grant is based on household size and income. Please refer to this chart to see if you may be eligible.

Persons in Family or Household 200% Federal Poverty Guidelines
For Each Additional Person, Add:     $8,320


How to Enroll

Call the Workforce Education office (425-352-8256) to make an appointment with the Program Specialist to apply and enroll.

BFET: Basic Food Employment and Training

The Basic Food Employment and Training program assists students who are receiving Basic Food Assistance (Food Stamps) with support services. We work with the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) and Working Connections Child Care to assist with childcare.

Interested? Need Food Stamps?

If you are interested in the BFET program but are not yet currently receiving food stamps, please see the Program Specialist (via appointment) for a referral to DSHS. You may also review your eligibility online at

How to Enroll

Call the Workforce Education office (425-352-8256) to make an appointment with the Program Specialist to apply and enroll.

Eligible Programs

Please visit our Professional Technical Programs page for more information on our available programs.

Eligible Professional Technical Programs:

  • Networking Infrastructure Technology
  • Web Application Programming
  • Environmental Technologies and Sustainable Practices

For more information on Basic Education for Adults please visit their page or call 425-352-8158. Their office is located in the Library Annex (LBA 102).

For more information on our Bachelors of Applied Science degree options, please visit our page or email Jodie Galvan at:


Professional Technical Academic Advising

Academic Advising for Networking Infrastructure Technology and Web Application programming is currently available through Kodiak Corner, Cascadia’s Student Services Center. The Professional Technical advisor is Debbie Conn. 

To schedule an academic advising appointment with a Professional Technical Academic Advisor, call or visit Kodiak Corner at: 425-352-8860.

Academic Advising for Environmental Technologies and Sustainable Practices is available with Jodie Galvan in the Student Learning Administrative office.

To schedule an appointment for ETSP advising, please email Jodie at:


Professional Technical Internships

Professional Technical degrees and certificates all requires components of work-based learning or internships. The Professional Technical academic advisor will work with students to schedule the completion of this requirement. Internships may be paid or unpaid work as long as they relate to the program or degree/certificate you are working toward.

For more information on Cascadia College’s Professional Technical Internships, visit our CANVAS SITE or email:

For appointments regarding internships, please request an appointment with Debbie Conn, the Professional Technical Academic Advisor by calling Kodiak Corner at 425-352-8860