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Workforce Education

Find a job, keep your job, or find a better job.

The Workforce Education Office provides a variety of support services for students pursuing professional/technical programs. These services include tuition assistance, books and transportation, educational and career advising, as well as internship opportunities. These services are provided through the Worker Retraining Grant, Opportunity Grant, and Basic Food Employment Training (BFET) Grant. Prospective students should call 425.352.8256 or visit the Workforce Education Office.

Visit the Workforce Education Office

Located at the Library Annex (located across from the library): LBA-102

Want to see if you qualify now? Take our short survey on Start Next Quarter to see if you pre-qualify for any of the Workforce Educating funding options. 


Professional Technical Internships

The Professional Technical Internship Specialist is available to assist you in finding an internship to complete your Professional Technical degree or certificate.

Visit LBA-102 across from the library / / 425.352.8138.


Professional Technical Advising

Professional Technical Advising for NIT (Networking Infrastructure Technology) and WEB (Web Application Programming) Degrees with an Academic Advisor at the Kodiak Corner.

To schedule an appointment for NIT or WEB Advising, visit Kodiak Corner in-person or call 425.352.8860. 

Professional Technical Advising for ETSP (Environmental Technologies and Sustainable Practices) Degrees with Jodie Galvan at the Student Learning Administrative Office.

To schedule an appointment for ETSP Advising, email

Worker Retraining / Opportunity Grant

The Worker Retraining program can provide tuition, books, and transportation for students who are out of work or in danger of losing their jobs without additional training. Students must be enrolled in professional/technical certificate or degree programs.

Program staff can assist with the development of an individual training plan, the completion of Commissioner Approved Training (CAT) and Training Benefits (TB) applications, and applications for other funding sources. Program staff can also assist with WorkForce Innovation and Opportunity Act / Dislocated Worker Program and Trade Act / NAFTA applications and processes.

In order to participate in this program, you must enroll in a credit bearing professional technical training program (see Eligible Programs).


Worker Retraining students may receive assistance with:

  • Tuition and books
  • Applications and processes: Commissioner Approved Training (CAT); Training Benefits (TB); Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act / Dislocated Worker Assistance / Trade Ac t /NAFTA; financial aid
  • Academic advising and career services, including help developing an individual educational plan
  • Other support to help you succeed and stay in your program


To be eligible for Worker Retraining, you must meet one of the following conditions:

•  Be receiving or be eligible to receive unemployment benefits


•  Have exhausted their unemployment benefits within the last four years


•  Be formerly self-employed and currently unemployed due to general economic conditions


•  Be a displaced homemaker


•  Be a vulnerable worker


•  Be a veteran discharged from the US Armed Services in the last four years

How to Enroll


Visit the Workforce Education Office
Located at the Library Annex (located across from the library): LBA-102


Eligible Programs

As a Worker Retraining student at Cascadia, you can choose from the programs for the Professional Technical Degrees and Certificates, subject to approval by your case manager.

Classes are held on the Cascadia campus and in nearby locations. Some classes are offered at early morning and evening times.

Opportunity Grant

The Opportunity Grant provides funding for low income Washington resident students enrolled in professional technical programs. It can provide tuition and fees for up to 45 credits, books, and transportation assistance. To apply for this grant, please contact the Workforce Education Office.

Learn more about the Opportunity Grant by contacting Workforce Education at (425) 352-8256 or visit their office at the Library Annex or email

BFET: Basic Food Employment and Training


The BFET Grant provides funding for Washington resident students who are receiving Basic Food Assistance and enrolled in professional technical programs or who are exclusively Basic Education. The grant can provide assistance with tuition, fees, books, and transportation. To apply for this grant, please contact the Workforce Education Office at or call (425) 352-8256.