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Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC)

In times of disaster there is no greater tool, no better help, for us as individuals or as a community, than taking the time to prepare before the day goes astray.  The Bothell Campus of Cascadia College and University of Washington Bothell have an Emergency Preparedness Committee made up of leaders from both institutions dedicated to the ongoing improvement of disaster preparedness for our campus community.


EPC Committee Information

Committee Charter


The Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) will be responsible for developing and reviewing recommendations for planning for and responding to emergency, crisis or catastrophic events, with a direct or potential impact to the campus’ students, employees, services, finances and plans. 

EPC shall be responsible for the review of the business continuity plans of UWB and Cascadia. 
EPC shall advise the Chancellor of UW-Bothell and the President of Cascadia CC on emergency preparedness and shall, as appropriate, guide the implementation of emergency preparedness measures. 
The EPC will be chaired by the Bothell Campus Emergency Preparedness Coordinator and co-chaired by the Director of Security and Campus Safety.
The Chancellor of UWB and the President of CCC ask that the EPC develop and forward a work plan to improve emergency preparedness to them for executive review by March 1, 2013 and that the EPC consult with the Chancellor and President as appropriate going forward regarding the establishment of emergency preparedness policies and priorities.
Emergency Preparedness Committee Charter
Committee Membership
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator (Chair)
Darren Branum
Director of Security and Campus Safety (Co-Chair)
Cham Kao
UW – Bothell
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Facilities Services
Tony Guerrero​
UW – Bothell
Assistant Director of Facilities
Kim Clark
Director of College Relations
Meagan Walker​
Director of Communications
Laura Mansfield​
UW – Bothell
Director of Information Technology
Tim Rhoades​
UW – Bothell
Director of Information Services
Brian Culver​
Director of Human Resources
Martin Logan
Human Resources Director
Denise Rollin​
UW – Bothell
Assistant Director of Residence Life
Katie Horowitz​
UW – Bothell
Dean of Student Success
Erin Blakeney​
Housing and Food Services Manager
Chelsea Knodel​
UW – Bothell
Faculty Representative
Robet Turner​
UW – Bothell
Faculty Representative
Danielle Powell​
Library Services
Sarah Leadly
UW – Bothell