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Community Engagement Officers

Who We Are

Community Engagement Officers (CEOs) promote Kodiak spirit and sense of belonging on campus through outreach to the Cascadia student body about programs and activities, and by helping connect students with opportunities for involvement.  CEOs provide promotion and marketing for events and activities sponsored by the Office of Student Life.  These include Cascadia Student Government, Cascadia Activities Board, and student clubs.  CEOs also participate in various recruitment and retention activities throughout the year, such as Cascadia open houses, Jumpstart orientations, transfer fairs, college fairs, and campus tours




Name: Charlotte Offin


Title/Position: Community Engagement Officer - Graphic Arts


High School you graduated from (and city):

I'm a senior at Glacier Peak High School in Snohomish, and am here at Cascadia through the running start program provided at my high school.


What are you studying?

I am working towards my AA Degree (DTA) so I can transfer to a four year university where I will study graphic design.


Why did you choose to attend Cascadia?

I chose to attend Cascadia as a running start student because I was bored of the repetitive routine at my high school and wanted to experience something more challenging, while meeting new people.


What are your hobbies/interests? (outside of school)

Since I live in the beautiful state of Washington, my love of the outdoors is extremely prevalent. I love hiking, swimming, and going to the beach when the weather is nice. During winter, you can find me at Stevens Pass most weekends skiing with my friends and family. I am also very artistic, and enjoy spending my time drawing and painting, both traditionally and digitally.


What are your plans after Cascadia and how is Cascadia helping you reach those goals?

After Cascadia, I plan on transferring to WWU in Bellingham. I want to pursue a BFA in Design at Western. With that degree, I see myself going into a career as a graphic designer at a business in the greater Seattle area. Cascadia College, and specifically my job as a CEO graphic designer for Student Life, is helping me reach those goals. This job will provide me with real world experience as a graphic designer, as well giving me the opportunity to create projects that can be used for various college applications and portfolios.


Why should students get involved in Cascadia Student Life?

I think all students should get involved with Student Life here at Cascadia because it helps bring a sense of community to our campus. When students are involved and create friendships through the various events Student Life offers, students will begin to feel more comfortable with their peers and the campus. I was not very involved with Student Life events my first year here at Cascadia, and I missed out on a lot of fun opportunities. I encourage everyone to get involved in Student Life because you never know who you might meet!




Name: Eric Espinoza


Postion: Community Engagement Officer -- Outreach & Marketing


High School you graduated from: Juanita High School


What are you studying: Associates in Integrated Studies


Why did you choose to attend Cascadia?

It was my goal to go to a two year college right out of high school and once I visited the Cascadia Campus, there was no longer a question of where. The campus was a good fit for me from the first time I stepped foot on it. I signed up for classes the next day now I'm here!


What are your hobbies/interests?

A lot of my life and passion revolves around movies and television, as they have always had the biggest influence on me. I go to the movies a lot, which I love, but my wallet definitely doesn't. I absolutely love to write, both fiction and non-fiction. I also love walking around the area near my Bothell apartment and discovering new places in the city. Lately, I've been trying to go see more musicals, both professional and non-professional productions.


What are your plans after Cascadia and how is Cascadia helping you reach those goals?

I am in a little bit of a toss-up when it comes to my plans post-Cascadia, but hopefully l will figure that out soon. The two schools I am primarily looking at are the University of Washington and Western Washington University. If I went to UW, I would be going for the social work program, but if I went to Western, I'd be going into either journalism or elementary education. Cascadia is providing me with the pre-requisites and the educational basis needed to get into these programs!


Why should students get involved in Cascadia Student Life?

I think that Student Life at Cascadia is much more rewarding than many people are aware of. It is easy to allow life at community college to be very routine, where you just go to your classes and then go home, but there are so many more opportunities that you can allow yourself. It allows you to feel like you are really part of a community and create memories during your time here instead of just letting the time that you spend here pass you by.




Name: Daniel Geiszler


Title/Position: Community Engagement Officer - Graphic Arts


High School: 

 I'm currently a Running Start Student at Glacier Peak High School in Snohomish where I am a Senior.


What are you studying? 

Graphic Design / Integrated Studies AA


Why did you choose to attend Cascadia?

I chose to attend Cascadia because of its successful Running Start program and beautiful campus. Additionally, I had a couple of really good friends who were attending as well, which made the decision easier!


What are your hobbies and interests?

Outside of school, I love to hike and explore, partake in theatre and the music and arts industry as a whole, Travel the world (or my own state), shop, take pictures of people and things, and find new foods that I enjoy.


What are your plans after Cascadia and how is Cascadia helping you reach those goals?

My current plan after Cascadia is to take a gap year and travel to a few different countries. After that year, I plan to come home and get my bachelor's degree at a four year university, studying Graphic Design and Media Marketing. Cascadia is preparing me for these things by giving me opportunities to develop and expand my skillset within these areas!


Why should students get involved in Cascadia Student Life?

Students should get involved with Cascadia Student Life because it is a fun way to meet new people, step outside your comfort zone, grow as a leader, and learn new things! Being a Student Leader makes college feel less like "college" and more like you're just hanging out!




Name: Sovechea Sophanna


Postition: Community Engagement Officer - Digital Engagement


High School you graduated from: 

I graduated from Logos International School in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


What are you studying? 

Currently I am pursuing an Associate Degree in Business.


Why did you choose to attend Cascadia?

Cascadia College is one of the top community colleges in the United States, with a profound educational system and the benefits of a shared campus and community with the University of Washington; it is one of the easiest choice that I have to make. 


What are your hobbies/interests?

I really enjoy running and grabbing coffee with friends. Although I have been doing it less due to the weather condition here in Washington, it's still one of my favorite outdoor activities that I really enjoy. All of my other interests pretty much revolve around my major of business and marketing.

Favorite book: Unshakeable by Tony Robbins

Favorite song: Fast car by Tracy Chapman

Favorite movie: Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio


What are your plans after Cascadia and how is Cascadia helping you reach those goals?

I am hoping to transfer to Foster School of Business majoring in marketing. Absorbing and getting the knowledge of business development and apply it to help businesses from major corporations to small and medium size businesses grow. Cascadia is guiding me towards these goals and preparing me with the classes for me to be able to transfer. By being able to meet new people who share a similar goal as me, I am more motivated and excited to achieve my goal of being a marketer.


Why should students get involved in Cascadia Student Life?

From experience, it is extremely easy to be carried away by all the assignments and the classes that we have. Focusing on school and getting good grades is probably one of our main goals when getting into a college or university. We also tend to overlook our surroundings and the community that we are in. Meeting new people is one thing that is extremely underrated, especially in this culturally diverse community that we have here in Cascadia. Get involved! Don't miss the opportunity to meet new people, learn new things, and share new experiences!