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Built Environment

Cascadia College and University of Washington Bothell share a campus that showcases the very best of contemporary northwest architecture.


Built Environment


As the youngest college in the state's Community & Technical College system and the newest University of Washington branch campus, Cascadia and UWB had the luxury of planning a contemporary campus


CC1, CC2

UW1, UW2 and UW3

Library 1, Library 2 and Library Annex

  • Our original buildings were designed by NBBJ Architects and opened to students in 2000. CC1 and CC2 are owned by Cascadia College. The Library buildings are shared. UW1, UW2 and UW 3 are owned by UW Bothell.

CC3 (Global Learning in the Arts)

  • This was the first building added to the campus. It was designed by Miller Hull Architects. It opened in 2010 to facilitate growth of Cascadia College.

Discovery Hall

  • Home to UW Bothell's first STEM building was completed in 2014. Designed by Hacker Architects.

Activities & Recreation Center (ARC)

  • In 2015, the ARC opened in time for fall quarter 2015. It was fully funded thourh student activity fees. LMN Architects worked with Cascadia and UWB students throughout the design process.

Innovation Hall

  • Innovation Hall is the first academic building shared between Cascadia and UWB. The STEM building, designed by Mithun Architects and constructed by Lease, Crutcher, Lewis. It is intended to expand opportunities, especially among historically underserved populations, in STEM fields to facilitate transfer from Cascadia to UWB, increase STEM graduates, and meet increasing demands in our region's industries. The building opened in winter quarter 2024.

Dining Pavilion & Residence Halls

  • Around the same time that Innovation Hall came online, UWB opened a Dining Pavilion to serve all campus and its first of four "multi-use" buildings with student housing on the top floors and university offices and the ground floor. The second phase is expected to be completed by fall 2024. All buildings were designed by Mahlum Architects.

Gateway Building

Cascadia College is working with Mahlum to creat a building that will bring all of the college's student services under one roof. It is currently in the design phase and awaiting construction funding in the summer of 2025.

The campus also includes a campus warehouse, parking garages, a conservatory that were designed for the campus..

Campus Master Plan

The original Campus Master Plan was updated in 2017 to establish a long-term vision of the shared campus. The plan incorporated input from Cascadia, UWB, and their community partners. It was approved by the Cascadia College Board of Trustees and UW Board of Regents.