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Student Printing

Every Cascadia student receives a standard printing allocation of $24.00 per quarter which equates to approximately 600 black-and-white pages (at .04 per page) or 120 color pages (at .20 per page). If you use up your allocation, there is currently no way to add additional funds to your Cascadia printing account.  You may choose to purchase printing from the UW Library on campus.


In order to use your printing allowance, you must be logged in on a Cascadia computer or be logged into Cascadia's web print portal. In order to use a Cascadia computer or to log into the web print portal, you must know your Cascadia Network Account. If you don't know your Cascadia Network account credentials, please see the Accessing Accounts webpage for information on those credentials. If you need additional assistance in accessing your account, you can get assistance at the Information Services Help Desk.

When your account balance gets below $5.00, you will get a notice from to let you know that your balance is low.


Printers for student use can be found in the Bock Learning Center, the Library, campus computer labs and all of the Student Breakouts on campus (list of Student Breakouts and locations below). When you log into a PC, Cascadia's systems automatically detect where the closest printer to you is located and sets that printer as your default printer. When you use the web print option, you must know the location of the printer you wish to send your print job to.  Most student printers are black and white print only and default to two-sided printing.  The Baker Breakout, the Library and The Bock Learning Center have large color printers that are available for student use.

Student Breakouts

Name Location
Baker CC1 1st Floor
Olympus CC1 2nd Floor
Rainier CC1 3rd Floor
Shuksan CC2 3rd Floor
Erie CC3 2nd Floor, North
Pilchuck CC3 2nd Floor, South


You may also use the printers in The Bock Learning Center , the Library and the Baker Breakout to make copies using your ctcLink ID and your printing allocation (cost is the same as printing).  You will see an option to log in to the printer in the upper left corner (pictured).  Simply select that button and then input your ctcLink ID at the screen. Please don't forget to log out when you are done.

Screenshot of printer interface
Login option on printers
    1. Log into a Cascadia computer using your Cascadia Network Account
    2. When you click print (from any application), you will see a window with the "cost" to print the requested document. You will have the option to either "Print" and print the document or "Cancel" and cancel the print request.Your allowance will not be charged for print jobs that do not actually print.
screenshot of PaperCut Print Job Notification
Print Job Notification
    1. If you have adequate funds in your allowance, your document prints as requested.
    2. If you do not have adequate funds in your allowance, you receive the message that states "Printing Denied" and your print will not work.
screenshot of Cannot Print! Pop-up
Printing Denied pop-up
  1. You can additionally check your balance by clicking on the PaperCut icon in the lower right task bar.
screenshot of PaperCut Print Balance
PaperCut icon with a negative balance
    1. Browse to PaperCut and login with your Cascadia Network Account user name (without the and your password.
    2. You will be presented with a summary page where you can review your account balance along with other interesting facts about your print jobs.
    3. Select the Web Print option from the left-hand menu.
Screenshot of Web Print menu options
Web print menu options
  1. Select the Submit a Job button.
  2. You will be presented with the Select a printer: prompt. A list of printers available will be just below. Printers are identified by the print server\ and then their location (i.e. sha-print4\Baker-COLOR1 is the color printer located in the Baker breakout and sha-print4\CC1-231-BW1 is located in the CC1-231 computer lab). Additionally, you will see options for “Follow Me Anywhere Printing” which is an option that allows students to send a print job to a queue to be released at one of the following locations:
    • Baker Breakout in CC1 (first floor)
    • Bock Learning Center
    • Library (new Winter 2024!)
  3. Filter the printer list by typing in the location you would like to print to in the search field near the top of the screen. Typing "CC1-2" will retrieve a list of printers located in computer labs on the second floor of CC1. To print to a Breakout, you will need to refer to the printer by the Breakout's name (i.e. Baker, see table above titled Student Breakouts).
  4. Select the radio button next to the printer you would like to send your document to and then select the Print Options and Account Selection button on the lower right.
  5. Options available for the selected printer will be displayed. You may indicate here if you would like more than one copy of your document. Because this solution does not require the installation of a printer driver for use, you won't be able to utilize all of the features of the printer (i.e. stapling). Once your options are configured, select the Upload Documents button on the lower right of your screen.
  6. Either "drag and drop" the file you would like to print or use the Upload from computer button to browse your device and select the document you would like to print. There are some limitations to file size and file types you may print with this system. File type limitations are listed on this screen. Files are limited to 100MB in size.
  7. Select the Upload & Complete button to queue your document to print.
  8. You will be presented with a screen that shows the status of your print job. This process will take longer than printing directly from a campus computer.  Please be patient while your document renders and is sent to the printer.
  9. If you selected a printer directly, your print job should print immediately. If you selected Follow Me Anywhere Printing, you will need to proceed to the locations/printers identified above and release your print job by logging in with your ctcLink or Cascadia network credentials (ctcLink is easier for this). The login option is in the upper left corner of the printer's display (pictured). Please don't forget to log out when you are done.
Screenshot of printer interface
Login option on printers
Starting in Winter 2024, Cascadia students will be able to use their print privileges in the Library! The Cascadia printer is located in Library Information Commons on the first floor of the Campus Library. To print to this printer from the Library, use the Web Print option outlined above (for use with personal devices) and select either printer sha-print4\LB1-120-COLOR1 or the Student Follow Me Anywhere Printing. You can also scan a document to your student email address or make photocopies by logging in to the printer with your ctcLink ID. Please don't forget to log out when you are done.
Issue Solution
The printer is out of paper Contact the Help Desk
The printer isn't working or is reporting low toner
Your print jobs were poor quality or didn't print Bring your print jobs and/or information on which printer you had issues with to the Information Services Help Desk on the first floor of CC2 (you will also need to know your Cascadia Network Account user name). One of our staff can assist in refunding you for the print and also get repairs started on the problematic printer.